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CALL 7 Advanced Cloud-Based Phone Service for Busy Law Firms

You call, we answer! No waiting 45 Minutes on hold to speak to someone who, in the end, has no idea of your account.

Our winning argument for Advanced Cloud Communications for your Law Firm

  • CALL 7 Cloud Phone Service will run your law firm more efficiently using our advanced features, integrated applications and easy to use Management portal. 
  • Our services are designed to maximize your revenue by reducing overhead while enhancing your office capabilities letting our people and platform do some of the work for you.  
  • You call, we answer! No waiting 45 Minutes on hold to speak to someone who, in the end, has no idea of your account.  We are a IT / Telecom Premier provider with vast networking and telecom knowledge.
  • Your life and your work is hard: Let your team at CALL 7 make it easier.
  • Reliable Secure Service Call 7 is built on the most advanced platforms and networks in the World to ensure your phone service is and your phones secure. Our services are geographically redundant. And we can state, most providers do not have this level redundancy.
  • Visual Voicemail Portal: Remember that time you accidentally deleted a voicemail that you needed? Or the time you let your voicemails build up and had to sit through erasing a dozen voicemails? With Voicemail Manager, these are troubles of the past.  This app allows you to quickly and easily manage the contents of your voicemail box. In addition, it allows you to access your voicemails remotely, as well as download, delete, retrieve, view CRD details and more. Managing voicemail boxes is easier than ever! You may select all voicemails in an account or voicemail box, bulk delete old voicemails by voicemail box or account, change voicemail statuses and/or copy voicemails to another voicemail box.

Why do Law Firms use CALL7?  We offer a Managed Cloud Phone Service

  • Unlike all of our competition, we do not ask you to manage your phone system yourself: We do it for you, and we do it for FREE.  
  • Have you sat on the phone for 30 -45 Minutes waiting for help from those On-Line providers? We have! With CALL 7 you get a fully managed system.
  • You can do it yourself with our easy to use Management Portal, or we will manage it for you: For Free.
  • Our voice traffic is carried by three of the World’s Largest networks.

Law Firms come in all sizes just like your cases

  • Law offices today range from a Virtual Law Firm where associates work remotely and on the road and need mobile-integrated applications.
  • Where more traditional offices require a wide range of features such as Web Based Busy Lamp field ( Operator Console) so you can see who is on their phone, along with Chat, instant messaging and even SMS-Text to the desktop.  
  • Our VoLAN ( Voice over Wireless Lan) provides the ability to place desk phones in any office at any location including a home office without the need to have a Wired Ethernet Connection.
  • Our service platforms offer Plug-and Play applications to make it easy to bring on new associates and expand your practice.

Let CALL 7’s Integrated Services ease your case load  

We offer the World’s leading Applications:  

Accession Desktop and Accession mobile-integrated application with Audio Conferencing and integrated Zoom Collaboration tools which allow you to  work with your clients and colleagues in a more efficient and more productive environment.

CALL 7 offers you the winning evidence

A recording of who called, when they called and exactly what was said.

  • Call Volume, Call Records, Call Logs, Call Reports are essential to collaborate the facts.  
  • We offer these statistics On-Demand so you can look, copy and show the evidence of when they called and who they called.
  • Call Recordings are stored in a private cloud and managed by MiaREC, a World Leader in Call Recording Technology.  For more detailed information go to

The truth is in the DNA

Call Recordings are like DNA evidence

  • They simply do not lie.  What someone said and when they said it cannot be disputed with Call Recordings.  
  • We offer Call Recording of all calls on all extensions, or on specific extensions.
  • We offer recording of your conference calls.
  • We offer two different Call Recording platforms to fit your needs and budget.
  • Using one of our mobile apps you can make and record calls from your mobile device, which then sends the call though your Cloud system as such, the call appears as a call from your office.
  • Call are recorded and stored in either Amazon Cloud Data services or via, one of the top Call Recording platforms in the World.

One missed call could be one missed giant case!

Potential Clients call times of the day and night.  The inability to answer an important call could mean a lost new client.

  • CALL 7 has over 15 years of experience in managing the call service for Law Firms.  We know what works!
  • By integrating Super Ring Groups, Call Queues,  Integrated Cell Phones, overflow call routing rules, time of day rules and offering to manage this all for free, is what makes CALL 7 Cloud Service a Managed Service, and that alone sets us apart from all of our competition.
  • CALL 7 Move allows you to answer a call on your Desk phone then MOVE the call to your integrated cell phone in a seamless manor.
  • With Call SHIFT, an office worker can SHIFT a call from a desk phone to a Cordless phone without initiating a new call or the caller noticing this, thus a Receptionist could Shit the call to a Cordless phone and walk the phone over to another associate.
  • Our Cloud service is geographically redundant, meaning your service will not go down even when an entire region of the U.S. is down.  
  • We offer full redundancy with Automatic Failover in your office using 4G / 5G Wireless Data Services.  Should your primary internet fail, your phones will automatically fail over to the Wireless Data Service.
  • Cost Saving Service: CALL 7 service is designed to save your Firm money, as well as to make your phones become more effective to your business.  We sell technology that saves your money and ensures your phone service will do more for your business.  Our goal is to help you, to answer more of those important calls! While providing more features and easier to use phones.

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