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CALL 7 Advanced Cloud-Based Phone Service for Busy Law Firms

Advanced Cost-Effective Cloud Communications service by CALL7 empowers your Law Office to provide your clients with the support they need when they need it most.

Our winning argument for Advanced Cloud Communications for your Law Firm

  • CALL 7 Cloud Phone Service will run your practice more efficiently using our advanced features, integrated applications and easy to use Management portal.
  • Our services are designed to maximize your revenue by reducing overhead while enhancing your office capabilities letting our people and platform do some of the work for you.
  • Your life and your work are hard: Let your team at CALL 7 make it easier.

Why do Law Firms use CALL7?

  • Reliable Secure Service: CALL7 is built on the most advanced platforms and networks in the World to ensure your phone service is and your phones secure. Our phones use 256 bit encryption to eliminate hacking, and are remotely managed right down to the buttons on the phones. Our network is rated to Five Nines: 99.999% uptime.
  • MEETINGS: CALL 7 Enterprise service offers Built-In On-Demand Secure Zoom Meetings. No need for a third-party meeting service. Create Secure Zoom Meetings using our own U.S. Based Zoom Server (vs Chinese Based Servers). Create Meetings instantly from your Max-UC Desktop and Mobile App. Invite anyone instantly via an Email Invite. No need for the attendees to be part of your team. Go here more detailed information on our MEETINGS.
  • Text Messaging ( SMS) from your Desktop: Now you can send Text Messages on demand, to cell phones using your MaX-UC Desktop App. You may also send and receive Text Messages via your MaX-UC Mobile App using your Office Number and not your Personal Cell Number. The Text Messages arrive to your Desktop App, where each Recipient creates a new Message Stream. Thus, not to have messages from different cell numbers become mixed together. The Message streams are kept continuously for a year. As new messages from the same number come in, they are added to the existing message stream from that number. You may create Contact for these numbers ( people) or, you do not have to create a contact which allows you to send a Text message instantly and On-Demand.
  • The World’s #1 Mobile App: MaX-UC:  Take your office with you. Make and return call to your clients via your office number and not your personal cell number. The office may transfer call to your mobile app. If you cannot answer the call, the client receives your office voicemail, not your personal voicemail. From your mobile app, you can see who in your office is on their phone. Direct intercom to extensions in your office. Instantly create Conferences and Video Meetings, On-Demand, from your MaX-UC Mobile App.
  • Voicemail Transcription: CALL 7 Enterprise service offers our Accurate Voicemail Transcription as an option. Your voicemail messages are transcribed and may be viewed via your MaX-UC Desktop and Mobile App. See examples of this transcription below. We can also send the Transcribed messages to either your Email Address or your native Cell Phone Messaging app. The original Voice File is also attached to the Transcribed Messages.
  • EXPANDED Voicemail Transcription Option for Law Offices: CALL 7 Enterprise Service for Law Offices now Includes our Expanded Accurate Voicemail Transcription Service. This Transcription service is accurate enough to use as a Dictation System. The service includes a Dedicated Extension with a Voicemail box using Transcription. Anyone may call into this Extension and leave a Dictation. The message is then Transcribed and sent to an Email Address. Where the Text may be copied into a Word Doc. You may start the message by for example: “ This note is regarding,… and is for..”
  • APPLICATION INTEGRATIONS: CALL 7 Enterprise service offers Pre-Built Integrations to over 5,000 Applications. Microsoft Teams / Microsoft Office integration is standard and included with your service. Integration to most popular Applications are readily available such as: CLIO, Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Contacts, Sugar CRM, SAGE (ACT) CRM, ZoHo and 5,000 others. Go here, for more information on our Application Integrations
  • Call Records – Call History: CALL 7 offers you the ability to see all your call records and history on both the Enterprise, as well as the CONNECT platforms. Ask us for more details on this feature.
  • Call Recording: CALL 7 offers you the ability to Record Calls on both the Enterprise, as well as the CONNECT platforms. Ask us for more details on this feature.
  • PARKING Calls on dedicated buttons (Lines): You may Park a Call on a button that appears on all phones in the office. Just like placing a call on Hold on a Line.  Anyone may simply press the button, on any phone to retrieve the call. This feature is not available from Spectrum, Comcast, Frontier, Verizon. Time Warner as well as other Land Line Providers who sell VoIP Service.
  • CommPortal - Your Desktop and Mobile control center: CommPortal makes managing your Service Features a breeze. View and Read Transcribed Voicemails; View your call history of inbound and outbound calls; Return Calls with a Click of a mouse.
  • Two Options for service: CALL7 is the World’s only provider offering Two Different Service Platforms: CALL 7 Connect, and CALL 7 Enterprise.
  • CONNECT offers full featured offering more service features than any of the Land Line providers while providing your company with monthly savings. Pricing is only $19.77 per month per Line.
  • ENTERPRISE adds even more features including Text Messaging, Voicemail Transcription, Instant Messaging, Zoom Meetings, Integration to over 5,000 applications, and the World’s #1 Mobile and Desktop applications. Pricing Starts as low as $24.77 per month per line.

Go here for the Complete Listing of all the Great Features of our service: Features

Go here for a Listing of the Advanced Features of Enterprise service

One missed call could be one missed giant case!

Potential Clients call times of the day and night.  The inability to answer an important call could mean a lost new client.

  • CALL 7 has over 18 years of experience in managing the call service for Law Firms.  We know what works!
  • By integrating Super Ring Groups, Call Queues,  Integrated Cell Phones, overflow call routing rules, time of day rules and offering to manage this all for free, is what makes CALL 7 Cloud Service a Managed Service, and that alone sets us apart from all of our competition.
  • Cost Saving Service: CALL 7 service is designed to save your Firm money, as well as to make your phones become more effective to your business.  We sell technology that saves your money and ensures your phone service will do more for your business.  Our goal is to help you, to answer more of those important calls! While providing more features and easier to use phones. The use of our exclusive ALLISON ANSWERS technology will make a difference in your practice.

ALLISON ANSWERS Integrated Advanced Answering Service

For more details on this service, please go to Allison Answers 

Fully Integrated into your phone service is the world’s most Advanced Answering service. No need to pay an outside service. As Allison Answers in now, included with your Service.

Here are the Main Features of your new Answering Service.

  • Clients are sent to a Mailbox Greeting, which may be recorded by yourself, by our Text-to-Speech service, or by a Professional Voice Talent.
  • Clients are provided with detailed instructions on the information you wish for them to leave. 
  • Clients are instructed their important message will be Transcribed and sent immediately to the Lawyer, who will review the message and respond to the Clients.
  • Messages are Transcribed and can be sent along with the original Voice file, to one or more recipients in the following manor:
  • To your MaX-UC Mobile App
  • To one or more Email addresses
  • To one or more Cell Phones as Transcribed Text Messages into your native Messaging application. The original voice file is also attached to listen to, just in case the caller did not speak clearly enough for accurate transcription.
  • A copy of the Message should also be sent to your Office Email for redundancy.

Some examples of or accurate voicemail transcription

Here examples of a Large received voicemail, sent to a desk phone, and then Transcribed and sent to the MaX-UC Desktop App, and Mobile App, and to an Email Address. Sent to All three. As a note, we can also send this Transcribed Text Message to a Cell Phone’s native Messaging App. 

We should also note, on all four of these Transcribed Messages, the Original Voice file is also attached to listen to. 

Screen Shot of that same Voicemail Message, sent to Email

Screen Shot of that same Voicemail Message, Transcribed and set to Our Mobile App

Law offices heavily depend upon FAX

For more information on fax options

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