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General Calling Features Included with All Cloud Service Plans

​​​CALL 7 Connect Cloud Phone Service includes over 40+ Advanced Features above and beyond the “usual and customary features such as Transfer, Caller ID, Redial and a dozen more.   Many of these 40+ Advanced features are not available with the Generic Telephone service from the larger ISP providers.  With ​CALL 7 Connect you get more than you pay for and at a bargain price.

​​Burstable ​​Phone Service

​​CALL 7 Connect Burstable Phone Service provides your company with the option of T​wo Extra Inbound Lines to for only $27.77 a month.  These Burstable lines are applicable to the use of Super Ring Group, or to handle heavier call volume during and advertising campaign.

​​​​Super Ring Group / ​Contact Center Application

​​CALL 7 Connect Super Ring Group is engineered to ensure your office never misses calls vital to your business.  By combining a Virtual Receptionist, a Call Queue, and a Ring group into one product that automatically answers calls, directs callers to the appropriate associates an then, automatically places the callers on hold with your customized messages until the first available person can take the call.

CALL 7 Connect Call Recording

​​CALL 7 Connect Call Recording is available to record individual designated extensions, or all calls in and out of your company at a bargain price. Today Call Recording is essentially required to manage security, liability, and customer satisfaction.  

CallThruUS Mobile App for Android and IOS Smart Phones

​​CALL 7 CallThruUs Mobile App for Android and iOS is a patented application to interface your Android or iOS mobile device with your ​CALL 7 Connect Phone System. Our Mobile App is far more than a “Soft Phone”. Your smart phone is now integrated and can Intercom, Transfer Calls, Receive and Make calls through your ​CALL 7 Connect Phone System. Your calls are then Logged in the On-Demand Call Logs and my be recorded if you have call recording active. Unlike other Mobile Apps for Smart Phones, our CallThruUs Mobile App utilizes the native cell phone service on your phone and not your device’s data service. This patented process ensures the best call quality and eliminates dropped calls due to issues with your Data / Internet on your device.

Operator Console

​​CALL 7 Connect Operator Console is available for Free with your ​CALL 7 Connect Pro phone service.  The Operator Console is a Web Based Operator Panel / Dashboard that everyone in your office / company can use, regardless of their individual location. The Operator Console lets you see who is on their phone, what number they are speaking to and how long the have been on the call.  This service is far more informative than a simple Busy Lamp Field which simply indicated the basic status of an extension.  And it is FREE to use for everyone in your organization.

Operator Console Pro

​​CALL 7 Connect Operator Console Pro offers a more advanced feature set then the base Operator Console and is designed for use by a Receptionist / Office manager.  This application enables you to view and more importantly, manage, your inbound call traffic easily and efficiently. In addition to the views given to you in Operator Console, The Pro version provides the added functionality of call control.

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