5G Full Time Unlimited Wireless Business Internet Service

5G Full Time or Business Backup Internet to ensure your business is never down

REDUNDANT CELLULAR INTERNET Service Prevents Costly Outages and keeps your business up and running

Introduction to 4G LTE/5G Wireless Internet Service

Automatic Internet Fail Over Service for as low as $34.77* a month.

Full Time Unlimited Business Internet for as low as $89.00 a month.

  • Keep your business up and running: What does One-Hour of lost business cost you?
  • Provide your business with Automatic Failover to Wireless Internet with Automatic Fail back, to primary once service is restored. For as low as $34.77* a month.
  • Your Mission critical systems will not go down:
    Point-of-Sale Equipment, Phone Service, Electronic Health Records: All Cloud Based Services that your business depends on.
  • Full Time Unlimited 5G Business Internet is now available. This service is ideal in areas presently only serviced by low speed DSL Service, or areas without any wired / cable Internet service. 

* Full Time Unlimited Business Internet for as low as $89.00 a month.

Internet service outages in your business will mean loss of sales, dissatisfied customers, clients and patients. Wireless Internet Backup and Failover service keeps your critical applications online. Use Wireless Internet for Remote and Temporary Locations as well.

As low as $34.77*, no contract.
* Full Time Unlimited Business Internet for as low as $89.00 a month.

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Today’s business depends on the Internet:
An Internet outage can cost your business thousands of dollars.

No Internet means: No Business. Medical offices cannot set up appointments or process prescriptions. Restaurants cannot take orders, and process credit cards.

The cost of internet outages is staggering to any business. In fact, just one full day’s outage, could be more than a year’s worth of Backup Internet Service. There is reason these days not to protect your business against a damaging Internet Outage.

Internet outages do not have to be for a full day to damage your business. Imagine not being able to take and process your phone in orders: Schedule Appointments; Process credit cards, manage bank accounts: Your phones do not ring! Some people may even think, you have gone out of business and may not call back. Using Fast 5G Internet service with Automatic Fail over ensures your business is always up and running.

CALL 7 offers Reliable Cloud Managed Full Time as well as Part-Time 5G Wireless Internet Service.

CALL7.com offers Automatic Redundant 5G Internet Fail-Over service for as low as $34.77* a month to keep your business up and running.

  • Our backup Wireless Internet Service will support your phones, your credit card Terminals, your Point of Sales terminals, and for Medical Offices the ability for your computers to remain connected to your Electronic Health Services.
  • Redundant Internet connections can be configured to automatically and seamlessly switch from your primary connection to your backup connection until things get back to normal.
  • Businesses get internet redundancy by installing a secondary connection that runs on a different backbone than their primary connection. If your primary internet primary connection drops, the secondary one automatically will kick in to keep your business humming along.
  • Ask us today about protecting your business against catastrophic Internet outages, for as low as $34.77* per month.
  • 4+ Hours of Battery Backup:
    Our equipment package includes a required Battery Backup providing your business with a minimum of four hours and up to 48 Hours of service which depends upon the number of active devices.

    CALL7.com’s engineers will manage your service and equipment via our cloud connection. There is no need for our technicians to log into your network.

* Full Time Unlimited Business Internet for as low as $89.00 a month.

CALL 7 offers additional Data services for your company, whether in your office, in your home and at remote locations. 

CALL 7 can help with wireless inside and outside of your office.

Here are some important questions to consider:

  • How many WiFi Access Points do you have in your office and are the fully Meshed and Cloud Managed?
  • Does your company presently have a Redundant Internet Service? What would you do if your office had no internet for a full day? Internet outages are now far more common than ever before.. Outages can occur when a vehicle strikes a power pole which can take down internet for a full day or more. Storms are another source of outages.
  • Using personal Cell phones as Hot Spots will not work with your office network. If your business is dependent upon the Internet, you must have a Redundant Internet Source in place.

Call us today at 1-833-567-8777 or email to Sales@Call7.com to learn more about this new technology. Companies use CALL 7 as we are consultants. When you have a medical issue, you go to your Primary Care Physician. If the Doctor feels you have a real issue, you are sent to a Specialist. CALL 7 is your Telecom Specialist. The Major Providers offer limited options, limited service features and limited support. As your Telecom Specialist, we offer more options, more features and personalized support. No waiting in call queues where you eventually get to speak to someone, who has no idea of your account, nor how to fix your issue.

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