Looking for a low-cost 4 Line Phone System for your Professional Office, Retail Store, Home based office, Private School, Church, and emergency phone system replacement?

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Introducing’s new 4-Line Phone System:
Easy to use; Easy to Install; No Set Up required; 100% pre-configured: Plug N’ Play

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Check out’s new 4-Line Phone System;
Pay only for Lines and not for Extensions

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Offices and Businesses who take customer calls and phone orders are now able to increase their ability to answer more calls and take orders, during the busiest times without adding more people or phones with the’s Call Manager

CALL 7 Hybrid Four-Line Wireless Phone System for Home Based and Small Businesses

An Affordable 4-Line wireless Phone System for any busy Store, Restaurant, Office, Medical Practice, Tire Store, and any Retail Store. This is an ideal low-cost Phone System, in which you only pay for the Lines you need, and not for Extensions. This system supports up to 10 Wireless Desk and Handheld phones.

Introducing the 4-Line Low-Cost Easy to use Phone System

Our new 4 Line Hybrid Key System installs in minutes without the need for Cabling or Wiring.

Maybe you need to add more phones but do not wish to pay for more phone lines?

Pay only for the lines and not for the Extensions.

Have up to 10 Phones: Desk Phones, Wall Mounted Phones and Rugged Hand Held Phones and only pay for the lines and not extensions.

  • Hosted VoIP systems bill by the Extension: 8 Phones = 8 Extensions that you have to pay for.
  • With the new 4 Line Hybrid Key System: Have up to 10 phones, but only pay for up to Four Lines.
  • For example: You could have 6 phones and only pay for Three Lines.
  • Installs in minutes: No Wiring / No Cabling required.
  • An optional virtual receptionist may provide hours and directions, or direct callers to your other locations or offer Advertisements, before your calls ring in to your business.
  • Intercom any phone, transfer calls from one phone to another, Place a line on hold, and pick up the call on any other phone by simply pressing the respective flashing line key.
  • Voicemail to Email is included.
  • Voicemail Transcription is available.
  •  A Desktop and Mobile app is also Included with your new service.
  • See your call analytics and history via our Web Panel from any PC, MAC, or Mobile Device.
  • Transfer Calls out to the Mobile App , Transfer calls out to Cell Phones.
  • Make calls via your Business number, from your Mobile App.
  • A Call Queue is not available with this system, as all calls ring in on the lines, on all your phones.

It's easy for your employees to handle multiple calls and always know who is on hold and needs attention. This Key-Line system allows someone to place a call on hold with one button, and then retrieve the call from another device. Our 4-Line Hybrid Key System is ideal for small businesses that need an easy-to-learn and use solution. PIZZA shops, retail stores, small medical offices, and used car dealerships will all find this powerful system the perfect communication tool for their busy schedule.

Pricing and more details of the 4-Line System can found in our Store.

REDUNDANT CELLULAR INTERNET Service Prevents Costly Outages and keeps your business up & running

Internet Outages cost any business a great deal. If your restaurant / retail store or medical practice, loses internet: You are out of business and might as well close the doors and send your employees home.

No Internet means: No Business. Medical offices cannot set up appointments or process prescriptions. Restaurants cannot take orders, and process credit card payments. You are: OUT OF BUSINESS!

The cost of internet outages is staggering to any business. In fact, just one full day’s outage, could be more than a year’s worth of Backup Internet Service. There is reason these days not to protect your business against a damaging Internet Outage.

Internet Outages do not have to be for a full day to damage your business. Imagine not being able to take and process your phone in orders during a Friday evening: A two hour outage will cost your business thousands of dollars. Some people may even think, you have gone out of business and may not call back.

Did you know there is an easy fix, to never losing Internet Access for your business for a minimal cost?

For more information about our Redundant Cellular Internet solutions for your business:

Quick Guide: M100 Key Line SIP DECT Series for Restaurants

The small business solution for an active, on-the-go workplace.

Quick Guide: M100 Key Line SIP DECT Series for Retail Stores

The small business solution for an active, on-the-go workplace.

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