CALL 7 Enterprise Features: Advanced Cloud Phone Service for Medium to Large Businesses

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Great Included Calling Features

CALL 7 Enterprise Cloud Phone Service includes over 40+ Advanced Features above and beyond the “usual and customary features such as Transfer, Caller ID, Redial and a dozen more.   Many of these 40+ Advanced features are not available with the Generic Telephone service from the larger ISP providers.  With CALL 7 you get more than you pay for and at a great price.

CALL 7 Enterprise Call Recording  

CALL 7 Enterprise Call Recording provides robust, enterprise-class call-recording functionality, including an intuitive, Web-based user interface. It enables powerful search, filtering, and grouping, by date, time, phone number, and many other parameters. A permissions-based user interface ensures high security; recordings are completely secure from unauthorized access. CALL 7 Enterprise Call Recording helps small and growing businesses enhance customer service, comply with legal requirements, and increase security. CALL 7 Enterprise Call Recording delivers an affordably priced, enterprise-level call-recording solution to small-and-medium-sized businesses.

CALL 7 Enterprise CommPortal

CALL 7 Enterprise CommPortal is your web portal used to configure the features of your new phone system. From your CommPortal you can:  View Missed Calls; Listen to your voicemail; Manage your contacts; Set up rules to route your calls, and perform many other functions. You can access your Portal from your Desk, or your Mobile devices. 

CALL 7 MaX-UC Communicator Desktop App

CALL 7 MaX-UC Desktop App allows you to make or receive calls from your Desktop via your Desk phone or by using your PC with Microphone and speaker.  Your MaX-UC Desktop App is also your Interface to your Company’s CALL 7 Cloud Phone System and provides you with the power of your system with the click of your mouse.

CALL 7 MaX-UC Communicator Mobile App

CALL 7 MaX-UC Communicator Mobile App is like having your desk phone on your mobile. You can make and receive calls, place calls on Hold, Transfer calls, and make three-way calls. You can even push and pull calls from your desk phone to your mobile phone seamless during the call. The Communicator allows you to Chat, set up Meetings, Check your Office voicemail, set up Video Calls and direct extension dial into your office and associates using the Communicator App on their mobile devices.

CALL 7 MaX-UC Meeting For Desktop & Mobile  

CALL 7 MaX-UC Meeting For Desktop &  Mobile provides audio and video conferencing over the internet, including web collaboration features such as screen sharing , whiteboard annotations, and presentation capabilities.  You can invite any of your contacts to join you in a meeting, even if they do not have CALL 7 MaX-UC Meeting.

CALL 7 Enterprise Contact Center Application

CALL 7 Enterprise Contact Center Application  is a full featured Enterprise Class Call / Contact Center Application with the capabilities to support any size Call / Contact Center. Companies with a Contact Center of 10 people to handle inbound customer service calls or those with 300 people will be supported by this sophisticated proven solution.  Pricing is very competitive for Agents and Supervisors with no cost for the Call Queues themselves.  

Your Virtual Receptionist

Allison Answers offers your company an Affordable Effective Amazing Answering Solution to ensure your important calls are properly answered and messages are effectively delivered in a way no other provider can offer.

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