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CALL 7 Enterprise Call Recording provides robust, enterprise-class call-recording functionality, including an intuitive, Web-based user interface. It enables powerful search, filtering, and grouping, by date, time, phone number, and many other parameters. A permissions-based user interface ensures high security; recordings are completely secure from unauthorized access. ​CALL 7 Enterprise Call Recording helps small and growing businesses enhance customer service, comply with legal requirements, and increase security. ​CALL 7 Enterprise Call Recording delivers an affordably priced, enterprise-level call-recording solution to small-and-medium-sized businesses.

For the complete Call Recording overview and operational instructions, please use the Call Recording User Guide

​Once logged in to the Call Recording Portal you will see the DASHBOARD which provides a thorough overview of Call-per-Day, average call duration, current active calls, and much more.

Please refer to the Call Recording User Guide for the complete details and instructions on the use of your Portal. You may view or download the Guide from here:  Call Recording User Guide

Click for more information on Legal Considerations of Call Recording

Click for more information on Call Recording Best Practices

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