CALL 7 Product Plans and Services

Service Plans for any company of any size and any application.

Exciting Plans for the Entrepreneur

Give the gift of Telecom this year: We have lots of inventory!

  • CALL PARK only $5.77*: Park a Personal or Business number you no longer use, but wish to keep. Calls go to a Voicemail box, voicemails sent to your email. Unlimited Use.
  • Hide your personal cell phone number with Park -Plus only $9.77 per month. Ideal for any small event as well: Garage / Estate sale, Craigs List and Ebay. Use Park-Plus to issue a “New Number” which forwards to your cell phone. Unanswered calls may be left either on you cell phone, or with a free dedicated mailbox. Messages go to your email or to you cell phone’s voicemail as you wish.
  • CALL 7 ORBIT only $12.77*. A Virtual Receptionist makes you sound bigger than you are, even if your only Business Phone, is your Cell Phone.

Full Featured Business Plans starting at $14.77* per month

  • CALL 7 CONNECT $19.77*: More features – Easy to use – lowest cost service
  • CALL 7 CONNECT Pro $24.77*: Ideal for any medical, dental, professional, general business office, church, or busy restaurant. Easy to set Hours of Operation on the fly, even from your cell phone. Plus: Day and Night Mode button on the phones allow you temporary close the office for a Training or Meeting with the push of a button.
  • Fully Manage your company’s calls via our Web Based Icon Driven Portal: The World’s easiest Telecom Portal.

CALL 7 Enterprise: Advanced Service Features for any size company. All the Apps you need: as low as $14.77*

  • All the Apps you need: Phone; Instant Messaging; Text Messaging; Meetings: The World’s #1 Mobile and Desktop Apps for any device; Empowers you to be connected to your important business and work wherever you wish.
  • A Fully Managed Cloud System, or we will teach you to manage it yourself. Our powerful Web App: CommPortal will walk you through all options you may wish to do, like Find-Me-Follow Me; Block Numbers; Change your Greetings; and much more, from any Device.
  • ALLISON ANSWERS: Add our fully integrated, Advanced Answering Service to your service for only $27.77 per month. Handles Overflow and After-Hours Calls for you. Ideal for any company with an Emergency Rotation Schedule.
  • The #1 Contact / Call Center Application in the World

Specialized Service Plans for any size company

  • CALL 7 EVENT CONNECT: A Communicator for all Event Managers. All the apps and power you need to run any event of any size: CME and Corporate Training; Parties; Fund Raising Event; Weddings. Includes Phone, Unlimited Text, Instant Messaging, ZOOM Meetings, all in one. Simple to use, simple to buy, no commitments: Month-to-Month term. Special Pricing Applies for all Event Planners.
  • CALL 7 Four Line Phone Wireless Phone System for any Home Based Office or Store. You have to see this to believe it. 
  • ALLISON ANSWERS: Advanced Answering Service to handle overflow calls, After-Hours Calls, and Emergency Rotation Schedule. As low as only $27.77* with unlimited use!
  • VOICES ETERNAL Only $4.80 a month: Save precious Voicemail Messages from your loved ones. Web Portal is easy to use and is accessible from any Device.

* Pricing does not include Taxes and Fee. Pricing may be per month or annual payment. Please review the details for each specific pricing on the CALL 7 Pricing Page.


CALL 7 MaX-UC Desktop & Mobile App Advanced Cloud Phone Service

MaX-UC Desktop and Mobile Apps bring the power of your phone system to your desktop and mobile devices. Always stay connected to your customers.

  • Multi-device support for voice and messaging
  • Cross-platform works with Android and iOS
  • Multiple lines or identities for voice and messaging

CALL 7 Max Cloud-Based Secure Zoom Meetings & Collaboration for Businesses

MaX-UC: The world's top collaboration and conferencing platform for any size organization

  • Present with confidence: Focus on your content, not the technology.
  • Give a better, more interactive experience: Unique multimedia and interactivity features lead to better sales.
  • Generate more leads: Reach more people and grow your business with unlimited audiences.

CALL 7 Hybrid Four-Line Wireless Phone System for Home Based and Small Businesses

An Affordable 4-Line wireless Phone System for any busy Store, Restaurant, Office, Medical Practice, Tire Store, and any Retail Store. This is an ideal low-cost Phone System, in which you only pay for the Lines you need, and not for Extensions. This system supports up to 10 Wireless Desk and Handheld phones.

  • Our new 4 Line Hybrid Key System installs in minutes without the need for Cabling or Wiring.
  • Have up to 10 Phones: Desk Phones, Wall Mounted Phones and Rugged Hand Held Phones and only pay for the lines and not extensions.
  • Pay only for the lines and not for the Extensions.

CALL 7 Cloud-Based FAX Solutions for Your Business

Our Cloud FAX solutions are far more reliable than FAX lines from other providers

  • This service is a must have for any medical, law, or financial office, where faxes are critical.
  • With our Secure Fax-Pack, your inbound Faxes are stored on our server.
  • You can retrieve them via your computer and or have them resent to your Fax Machine, once the issue has been resolved. 

4G/5G Redundancy for your Business Phones & Computer

REDUNDANT CELLULAR INTERNET Service prevents costly outages and keeps your business up and running

  • No Internet means: No Business. Medical offices cannot set up appointments or process prescriptions. Restaurants cannot take orders, and process credit card payments. You are: OUT OF BUSINESS!
  • Our backup Internet Cellular Service will support your phones, your credit card Terminals, your Point of Sales terminals, and for Medical Offices the ability for your computers to remain connected to your Electronic Health Services.

Professional Greetings, Commercials On-Hold

Let CALL 7 improve your customer’s experience when calling your office. Project the Image that says “We are professional, we mean business” and you will like doing business with us.

  • The quality of your Mailbox Greeting and your Virtual Receptionist, is the first thing callers hear when they call your company.
  • Customized hours of operation with After Hours and Holiday Schedules
  • Option to select English or Spanish, or even a third language

Your Virtual Receptionist

An affordable, effective & amazing answering solution for any size company or organization.

  • Never miss another call
  • Lowest cost of any Answering Service
  • Allison Answers also eliminates bothersome Robo/ Spam Calls

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