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Why Your Business Should Use CALL 7 Cloud-Based Phone Solutions?

Faster Speeds, Better Deployment

CALL 7 is truly unique in the VoIP Industry

Having started in 2004 we learned what worked for different size and types of businesses and organizations. We learned how to deploy today’s phone service and how to make it work. For 15 years our moto was “We know what works”.

faster speeds, better deployment

  • Internet speeds today are far greater than in the past allowing for easier deployment. We also deploy phone via a Dedicated WiFi Connection in your office, eliminating the requirement to use or run Ethernet Cabling. 
  • The deployment of phones via WiFi is known as VoWLAN or, Voice over Wireless Lan. This technology is just as reliable and just as secure as using cabling. We have deployed phones with VoWLAN since 2012.
  • CALL 7 offers Virtual offices and services for home-based businesses.
  • We offer different services for Mid-Size companies who need frequent customization that comes with different times of year and thus, different workloads, such as an HVAC company.
  • Enterprises, those businesses with Multiple offices, and or remote associates, and or a Contact Center with larger numbers of associates both in and out of offices need specialized, customized, and frequent changes to their call flow and communications needs.
  • Few small to medium businesses have the requirement for Collaboration, Video Conferencing, Company wide Chat / Messaging. In fact, it is our 14 years in the business that tells us, the vast majority of Small to
  • Medium Business have no need for those service. Their main concern is getting and answering their phone calls.

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