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slider-transparent-background - copy - copy’s advanced Call Manager service will empower any Busy Office / Store, to handle many incoming calls at once and not lose that business due to hang ups from busy or unanswered calls

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Offices and Businesses who take customer calls and phone orders are now able to increase their ability to answer more calls and take orders, during the busiest times without adding more people or phones with the’s Call Manager

CALL 7 Advanced Solutions for Busy Restaurants and Retail Stores with a high volume of phone calls

for busy Restaurants, pizza shops, Tire stores, Auto Parts & Repair shops, Etc.

Are busy signals and unanswered calls, costing your business lost business?

It’s a fact, when people call a busy Pizza / Restaurant, Retail Store, Parts Store, etc., and get a busy signal, they will hang up and call another. Or, they call and are put on hold for a long time, and end up hanging up as well

CALL can solve this issue for any business with high call volume at the busiest times.

  • Busy Restaurants and Stores who take phone orders want to increase their ability to answer calls and take orders, during the busiest times.
  • But cannot hire more people, or add more phones or lines
  • Because there are no more people to answer more incoming calls you lose business.
  • CALL’s Advanced Call Manager empowers your busy Restaurant / Office / Store to handle many incoming calls at once and not lose that business.
  • Integration to over 5,000 CRM and Point-of-Sale applications allow for screen pops of existing customers simply based upon their phone number / caller ID. This saves a lot of time, by eliminating the time to enter repetitive customer information.
  • No one want to have their call answered only to hear: Please Hold and then nothing. The secret is to use as outlined here in our website: Intelligent Call Routing 
  • We can process more calls, in a manor, your staff will be able to talk to more people. 
  • We can even take Accurate Transcription of orders. Our Voicemail Transcription is the best in the World. Here is an Example of a such an order:
  • Hello and thank you for calling ABC Pizza. We are all on the phone right now with other patrons, however, you have two options. You may simply wait for us to come to the phone, or, you may Leave us your order and we will call or text you back to confirm it. Press 1 to hear today’s specials, please press 2 to Leave us your order. When the customer hears today’s specials, they will then return to the main menu to then be able to place their order. 
  • To leave us your order, please speak clearly, as, your message will be fully transcribed. Please tell us your phone number. Then, please tell us your Address. We may have your address on file, but this is just in case you have moved. Then tell us your Order in detail. Please speak clearly, and then let us know, if you wish a Call Back, or simply a text, to confirm your order. Thank you. 
  • The Transcribed Message, will then arrive instantly into either an Email Address, or our Desktop App. As long as you have one of those open, you will see the Message instantly. 
  • If the customer is in the database, the Message will be attached to that customer and archived. This is in addition to using your own Point-of-Sale software.
  • CALL QUEUES: If you wish to only answer all calls Live, use an Intelligent Call Queue. If the phones assigned to the “inbound Call Queue” are not busy, the call rings in live. If all of those phones are busy, the Callers instantly reach a greeting.
  • The greeting may inform the callers of daily specials, your hours of operation as well as your other locations. The greeting may be long enough to occupy the caller until the next person is available to take the call. “Thank you for calling ABC Pizza. Did you know we now offer home-made gnocchi. Don’t forget to try our home-made Cannoli for dessert. Today’s specials are fresh mussels in white wine sauce, ….. you get the idea. As they listen, they forget they are on hold. 
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REDUNDANT CELLULAR INTERNET service prevents costly outages and keeps your business up & running

Internet Outages cost any business a great deal. If your restaurant / retail store or medical practice, loses internet: You are out of business and might as well close the doors and send your employees home.

No Internet means: No Business. Medical offices cannot set up appointments or process prescriptions. Restaurants cannot take orders, and process credit card payments. You are: OUT OF BUSINESS!

The cost of internet outages is staggering to any business. In fact, just one full day’s outage, could be more than a year’s worth of Backup Internet Service. There is reason these days not to protect your business against a damaging Internet Outage.

Internet Outages do not have to be for a full day to damage your business. Imagine not being able to take and process your phone in orders during a Friday evening: A two-hour outage will cost your business thousands of dollars. Some people may even think, you have gone out of business and may not call back.

Did you know there is an easy fix, to never losing Internet Access for your business for a minimal cost?

For more information about our Redundant Cellular Internet solutions for your business:

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