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Voicemail Overview

Yeastar P-Series PBX System integrates a free voicemail system. This topic describes the voicemail types, voicemail usages, voicemail personalization, and the adjustable voicemail capacity and limitations.

Voicemail types

Yeastar P-Series PBX System provides two types of voicemail:

  • Extension Voicemail: Voicemail for individual extension.
  • Group Voicemail: Group Voicemail is a feature for a team to share the workload of reading and responding to voicemail messages.

    Group Voicemail is useful if your company that is organized into departments. For example, after setting up a group voicemail for Support team, a customer can deliver voicemail messages to the Support team, then any team member can access the group voicemail box to check the customer's voicemail.

Voicemail usages

A flexible call route system for forwarding calls to voicemail:

Voicemail personalization

Various options are available for personalizing voicemail:

Voicemail capacity and limitations

The default and adjustable capacity and limitations for each voicemail box are as follows:

  • Message length: 1 to 15 minutes.
    The default minimum duration of a message is 2 seconds; the default maximum of a message is 10 minutes.

    To change the message length, see Limit Voicemail Message Length.
  • Mailbox capacity: 1 to 500.
    The default max number of voicemail is 100.

    To change mailbox capacity, see Auto Cleanup Voicemail Messages.
  • Storage time: Unlimited.
    The default is 0, which means no limit.

    To change the storage time, see Auto Cleanup Voicemail Messages.

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