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The Vision

​CALL 7, Incorporated offers our clients telephone service provisioned on long term proven, tested  to 99.999% reliability with true geographical redundancy.   Our service is built on advanced carrier grade telecom platforms designed to support both smaller and Enterprise clients. Our service will scale  effortlessly  offering a suite of advanced telecom features scaled for affordability to any size organization.

We offer Small Business our Revolutionary  ICON Based easy to use platform which lets you do business your way from any Android or iOS device.  Our easy to use Web Based Graphical User Interface provides Smaller Companies with a power yet very easy to use management Portal .  

We offer Enterprise Organizations a more sophisticated solution that ultimately empowers you to customize every part of your phone service.   Powerful Desktop and Mobile Apps offer: Instant Messaging; Chat; Text-SMS/MMS;  and Zoom Team Collaboration. 

​The CALL 7 Connect User / Admin Portal is by far the most advanced in the World. An easy to use WEB Based Graphical User Interface which is a easy to use an your iOS or Android Smart Phone. Our revolutionary Portal lets you do business your way, ultimately empowering you to fully manage your phone system: Even from  your Mobile Device.  However, we are always here to assist you for Free. For help, simply email to  

An estimated 65 years of combined effort since 2009 in building our Platform

We have over 500,00 phones under our management

Our platform is used in over 15 countries

We process over 100,000,000 calls and about 500,000,000 minutes per month

Our voice traffic is carried by three of the World’s Largest networks

Firewalls in a VoIP Setting

Firewalls are not purpose-built for communications environments. They analyze network traffic and scrub packets for any malicious components. Firewalls are essential for security purposes, but they do not treat SIP traffic any differently than Internet data. The result is a managed device that only examines the headers of SIP packets. You might skate by with firewalls for a couple of phones, but if you try to support an office setting you’ll start dropping calls and disabling SIP features because the firewalls can’t properly understand the SIP traffic.

When firewalls only examine headers, the core SBC of a VoIP service must work harder to translate packets between the internal PBX and external WAN IPs, which can cause even greater packet loss.

ESBCs are purpose-built to translate SIP traffic between internal networks and external IPs. They capture all voice traffic at the edge of the network and analyze individual packets for full quality control and security. Not only can you configure EdgeMarc ESBCs to enforce QoS requirements, but their SIP proxies know only to converse with authorized SIP providers, ignoring any malicious SIP scanning traffic.

Our voice traffic is carried by three of the World’s Largest networks

we have over 15 years of expertise in the Cloud Telephone Industry

Our services are geographically redundant

We have hosted facilities in 8 Regions (California, New York / NJ, Illinois, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris, London and Amsterdam)

We Know What Works ​and We Can Prove It!

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