CALL 7 Secure FAX-Pack

A 100% Reliable Secure FAX LINE for any Fax Machine or Server, with the Option of E-FAX and a Secure Portal.

As low as

$37.77* / per line

  • A 100% reliable Fax line engineered for higher volume use such as a medical office. Outbound / Inbound Fax using your fax machine with unlimited usage using Reliable and Secure Technology.
  • Pricing for a Secure Fax Line Service is only $37.77* per line.

SECURE FAX-PACK Pricing and Information.

  • Pricing for SECURE FAX-PACK Service is only $47.77* per line.

Secure FAX-PACK is a combination of a Secure Fax Line for your Fax Machine or Server, with the enhancement of a WEB-PORTAL for Redundancy, and the addition of Inbound Faxes to Email as an option to inbound Faxes to the Fax Machine. Thus using the same Fax Number, Outbound Faxes may go via your fax Machine, while Inbound Faxes go to Email, which could be the Email Address of a Fax Server or Electronic Health Records Server. An Installation Kit is required**.

  • This technology is 100% reliable in any volume with any fax machine and is 100% secure. This service is engineered for HIGH VOLUME FAX.
  • This service it is far more reliable than a FAX LINE from Frontier / Comcast / Spectrum / AT&T / Century Link and so on.  Should your fax machine develop any issue, and or, a Fax Line from those Carriers develop an issue, you Lose your Faxes.  With our Secure FAX-PACK, your inbound Faxes are Stored on our Server.  You can retrieve them via our Web Portal from any device, anywhere, any time or have them Resent to your Fax Machine, once the issue has been resolved. This service is a Must Have for any Medical, Law, or Financial office where faxes are critical.
  • This technology uses an advanced device (Secure FAX ATA), which creates a secure connection between your fax machine and our Fax Server. This technology is known as Store and Forward. Your fax machine initiates a connection to the remote fax server via the ATA which in turn, creates a connection to our remote fax server which in turns sends out the fax. This technology is reliable and suitable for all market segments. You may receive your faxes via your fax machine, or to your email, or to both if you wish. You may send faxes via your fax machine, or via your computer via our WEB-2-FAX service. NO OUTBOUND EFAX via an EMAIL attachment is available with this service, as Fax via EMAIL is not HIPAA Compliant.
  • SECURE FAX will deliver FAXES directly to Electronic Health Records ( EHR ), as well as to a SERVER. SECURE FAX, will deliver faxes to Several Email Addresses, with the option of also, delivering Faxes to a Fax Machine.  This is both Unique to our service, as well as a powerful FAX solution. 
  • The delivery confirmation is sent to your fax machine from the remote server, as a fax, when your fax is delivered. In this environment, we disable the confirmation report on your fax machine to eliminate confusion.
  • You have an Advanced Management Portal to view and manage all your Fax Documents. Some companies have multiple offices and multiple fax numbers. With your portal, you can manage all of them.
  • This technology is 100% reliable in any volume, with any fax machine, and is 100% secure. This service is engineered for HIGH VOLUME FAX.
  • Considerations on this platform: (1) The area code must always be dialed when sending a fax. (2) There is a delay between sending the fax from your machine and the printout of the confirmation report. 

**This service requires the purchase of an Installation Kit. 

The installation kit consists of a 8ft Six-Outlet Extension Cord, the 5 Port Switch and AC Adapter and the Secure FAX ATA and AC Adapter. The 8Ft extension Six-Outlet cord provides the ability to plug in the two AC Adapters and your Fax / Printer.

Price for the Kit is $125.00 with shipping and will be added to your first monthly invoice.

* Plus applicable taxes and surcharges. 

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