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​Due to the nature of this service it is far more reliable than a FAX LINE from Frontier / Comcast / Spectrum / AT&T / Century Link and so on.  Should your fax machine develop any issue, and or, a Fax Line from those Carriers develop an issue, you Lose your Faxes.  With our Secure Fax-Pack, your inbound Faxes are Stored on our Server.  You can retrieve them via your computer and or have them Resent to your Fax Machine, once the issue has been resolved.  This service is a Must Have for any Medical, Law, or Financial office where faxes are critical. 

Basic Business / Personal E-Fax Account

As low as

$​​9.77 / per month per user*

​​Send faxes from any computer in your organization via a specific Email address, Receive faxes via your email address.

Business E-Fax Account

As low as

$​​19.77 / per month per user*

​​Send and receive faxes from any computer in your organization with an easy to use Print Driver application or via the WEB on any mobile or desktop device.  This fax service is via a SECURE Fax server and meets all levels of security requirements as this is not EFAX.

Essential Business Basic Fax Line

As low as

$​​2​1.77 / per month​*

Call7.com ​provides your office with a basic Fax Line for your fax machine via an Analog Telephone Adapter provisioned over T-38 Compatible SIP Trunk.
This product is meant for low volume fax use with a Fax Machine.

CALL 7 Secure 

As low as

$​​​47.77 / per month per user*

Call7.com  offers a Secure Fax Line bundled with EFAX Fax:

  • ​​​A 100% reliable Fax line engineered for higher volume use such as a medical office. Outbound Fax using your fax machine with unlimited usage using the most reliable technology. Inbound fax  may come to your fax machine or Email, or to your Fax Server. Allows for sending  and receiving from your fax machine.
  • ​This service is engineered for Medical, Law and Financial offices who have high volume of fax.

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