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CallThruUS Mobile App for Android and IOS Smart Phones

About the CALL 7 CallThruUs Mobile App for Android and iOS:

​The CALL 7 Call ThruUs App is a patented application to interface your Android or iOS mobile device with your CALL 7 Connect Phone System. Our Mobile App is far more than a “Soft Phone”. Your smart phone is now integrated and can Intercom, Transfer Calls, Receive and Make calls through your CALL 7 Connect Phone System. Your calls are then Logged in the On-Demand Call Logs and my be recorded if you have call recording active.   Unlike other Mobile Apps for Smart Phones, our CallThruUs Mobile App utilizes the native cell phone service on your phone and not your device’s data service. This patented process ensures the best call quality and eliminates dropped calls due to issues with your Data / Internet on your device.

With the CallThruUs App, you can:

  • Make and receive calls on your mobile device through your office PBX
  • ​​Import your contacts for easy calling
  • ​​Find contacts alphabetically and via search
  • View all your call history including all calls, missed calls and recorded calls
  • ​​See call history for inbound and outbound calls
  • Save new phone numbers to your contacts

CallThruUs Highlights

Call History

View your complete call history all on one screen and seamlessly tap between all calls, missed calls, and recorded calls. The search bar lets you easily find a specific call in your history, and the history includes all the details you need such as date, time and duration

Technical Specifications

  • ​All calls, missed calls and recorded calls
  • ​Phone number, date, and time of each call
  • ​​Whether the call was inbound or outbound
  • ​Add phone number to contacts
  • ​​Delete all call history
  • ​Delete individual call record or select specific
    records to delete
  • ​​​Search for call in history
  • ​​Choose a Multi-Factor Configuration for account


Quickly import your contacts with a single click and create new contacts as needed straight from the softphone UI. Contacts are listed alphabetically and can be easily found using the search bar. Click on a contact to view all their information that was imported or manually saved.

Technical Specifications

  • ​View all contacts alphabetically
  • ​​Search for contacts via search bar
  • ​​Click on contact to contact information including
    view name, picture, email address and number or extension (as applicable/imported
    from contacts)
  • ​Load All Audit Logs
  • ​​Filter Audit Logs by Date Range


​The Callthru.us app includes a full 10-digit keypad plus star and pound for easy dialing. Enter in a number and save it to your contacts, or add it to an existing contact.

Technical Specifications

  • ​Full 0-9 ten-digit keypad plus * and #
  • ​Tap numbers to enter phone number or extension
    to dial
  • ​Add inputted phone number or extension to
  • ​Erase button to remove mistyped numbers
  • ​Add inputted phone number or extension to
  • ​​Green call button to initiate outbound dialing

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