Operator Console Pro

This feature is designed for the Receptionist / Office manager.

  • Operator Console Pro has a flat rate cost of $65.00 per Account regardless of  how many people wish to use it.
  • This application enables you to view and more importantly, manage, your inbound call traffic easily and efficiently. In addition to the views given to you in Operator Console, The Pro version provides the added functionality of call control.
  • You can handle inbound calls from watched numbers on the system, park and retrieve calls without having to remember feature codes, see who’s on the line elsewhere – all directly from a web interface. Additionally, you can route calls to any user, device, voicemail, conference, ring group or queue.
  • The beauty of Operator Console Pro is that you are able to do a variety of tasks efficiently through an easy to use UI. The UI helps field calls and allows you to easily make decisions on where to push them.
  • With the summary view, you are able to view the productivity of your workers and are able to view who is on the phone, how many calls are made, and the amount of time being spent on the phone.
  • CALL FEATURES: You can see information about current calls, as well as mute or unmute yourself, send DMTF over a virtual dialpad, or even pause the call to put it on hold.
  • SEARCH CAPABILITIES: When you need to transfer a call quickly, you can go through the directory on the right, search by name, or even specify a device to transfer the call to, thus improving efficiency.
  • PARKED CALLS: The user interface shows all the current parked calls in the account, and allows you to retrieve calls that have been waiting or see if someone has been waiting for too long.

Technical Specifications

  • Live Call Data
    • See all your current active calls in one glance
    Timers show you the live call duration
    Shows if the call is inbound or outbound
  • Office Activity
    Easy to see who is currently busy
    Gives you information about each caller
  • Concurrent Calls Support
    Calls can go on hold automatically if you decide to pickup a new call coming in the console
    Retrieve them in one click and place all the other calls on hold automatically
    Hangup a call and jump directly into your other calls
  • Parked Calls View
    • See how many spots are taken
    Who is waiting in each individual spot
    What number they're in so you can easily retrieve them
    Transfer ability to send a parked call to someone else
  • Call Control
    • Hangup
    • Mute
    • Unmute
    • Send DTMF (use menus etc...)
    • Hold
    • Unhold
  • Call Transfer
    • Easy to select users
    • Type a number manually
    • Internal Extensions Supported
  • Initiate Call from the Browser
    • Quickcall lets you select any of your registered devices
    • If webphone is activated, you can place a call in one click
    • Type any number or extension to place a call, just as you would do on a regular deskphone
  • Easy to filter potential callees
    • Option to show only available co-workers, only the busy ones or show all of them at the same time
    • Search tool for quickly finding a coworker, no need to know their extension

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