CALL 7 CONNECT PRO - An Affordable Cloud-Based, Small Business Phone Solution

Have all the Great Features you cannot get with service from the ISPs (Spectrum, Comcast, Cox, Xfinity, AT&T, Time Warner, Frontier, AT&T) and save money! 

As low as

$24.77 / per month per user*

Information about Desk Phones: 

Work Remotely with WiFi and Wireless Phones: 
Outfit your office with the latest IP Desk phones which utilize inexpensive Bluetooth Headsets and utilize Secure WiFi to eliminate the need for Cabling. . Now offering WiFi Handheld Cordless phones: all you need is WiFi!

Work remotely with our reliable Mobile App:
Our patented Mobile app does not use the WiFi on your mobile device as the other do. Your calls with our mobile app, will be as reliable as using your mobile phone. Make calls from your mobile device via your office number. Inbound calls come to your office number via your mobile device, and not to your personal number.

Information about the use of SMART Phones / Cell Phones:

  • PACK LITE: Use your SMART PHONE:   Remote workers carry a complete office experience in the palm of their hand. Personal cell numbers remain private, as calls made within the application come from your office phone and not your personal cell phone and issues your office number.
  • In today’s business often associates are in and out of the office and or, you have a limited office staff. Calls need to ring to multiple cell phones and or a few desk phones at the same time. Callers reach your Virtual Receptionist and are then directed to choose options, which will send callers to your cell phones, desk phones and or voice message boxes. This managed service allows smaller companies to take advantage of the full power of your new phone system.
  • The ideal easy to use solution for any business who would like to sound bigger and stay connected their customers is Call 7 Connect Pro. With Call 7 Connect Pro your calls come to your Cell phone from an Auto-Attendant. You may have many extensions for calls to ring to. For example: "Press 1 to reach our sales dept" rings to your phone. "Press 2 to reach billing, may go to another cell phone, or a land line number".
  • CALL 7 Connect pricing is designed to save money: Pay for only what you need.  Many companies never use a Mobile or Desktop app and have no need for one.   For companies who would use Desktop and Mobile applications for  multiple users, we would recommend using our Enterprise Service, which includes both a Desktop and Mobile app for all users.    
  •  CALL 7 Connect PRO  offers an integrated Mobile App, as an option.  You may add our Mobile App to any mobile device where your device is now, integrated into your phone system. You may make outbound calls via your office number, you may take inbound calls from your office, and  Extension Dial from your  Mobile App to to other extensions within your organization Pricing to add the mobile application is only $3.50 per user per month.
  • It is not easy for us to migrate a customer from the CALL 7 CONNECT Platform  to the CALL 7 ENTERPRISE Platform, and as such, we need to make sure your service in provisioned on the best service for your needs.


Monthly Service pricing as low as $24.77*

Any number of extensions billed Monthly on an Annual Term: Only $24.77 per month, per Extension.  Auto-Billed Monthly. No set up fees. All monthly service billing is via Auto-Pay via any payment method. 

Any number of extensions billed Monthly on an Month-to-Month Term, is only $27.77 per month, per Extension. Auto-Billed Monthly. $25.00 set up fee per extension.

All billing is between the 1st and 4th of each month.  Electronic statements will emailed to you. 

Mobile App for your Smart Phone: A mobile app is not for everyone. As such the above does not include a Mobile App. Pricing for our Mobile app as an Add on to this service is only $3.50 per extension who wishes to use it.

CALL 7 CONNECT EXPRESS: You may wish to only use a Mobile App, and not have a Desk phone. As such pricing for our CALL 7 Connect Express is as low as $14.77.

* Plus applicable Taxes.  Billed Monthly on Auto Payment via Debit, Credit card, or Bank Draft. Billing not pro-rated when service terminated. Late fees apply after the 10th of the month.

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