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CALL 7 Max Cloud-Based Secure Zoom Meetings & Collaboration for Businesses

MaX-UC: The World's Top Collaboration and Conferencing Platform for any size Organization

MaX-UC is a carrier-grade group communications platform, now owned by Microsoft, and is part of your new CALL 7 Enterprise Cloud Communications Service, that empowers our customers with smartphone voice and messaging services, multiple personas, unified communications and collaboration all in a simple to use, simple to set up, and simple to control experience for their Desktop and smart phones.

With today’s distributed work forces and dispersed customer bases, unified communications and collaboration tools are on the rise in small, media and large businesses but IT managers and employees are expecting more.

With today’s distributed work forces and dispersed customer bases, unified communications and collaboration tools are on the rise in small, media and large businesses but IT managers and employees are expecting more.

Fully integrated into your MaX-UC Desktop and Mobile Applications, MaX Meetings features high-quality Audio and Video conferencing, presentation and screen sharing plus complete Call Recording.

MaX Meeting Webinars are different from other webinar solutions because of the incredible quality, reliability, scalability, and affordability. Seeing the presenters makes a world of difference in building personal connections, engagement, and trust. MaX Meeting webinars scales up to 100 live video panelists.

With MaX Meeting and Webinars, users can:

  • Present with confidence: Focus on your content, not the technology.
  • Give a better, more interactive experience: Unique multimedia and interactivity features lead to better sales.
  • Generate more leads: Reach more people and grow your business with unlimited audiences.

Metaswitch Meeting Setup


HD Voice and Video Conferencing
Up to 100 live video panelists can share their web-
cam and interact with the audience

Screen and Application Sharing
One-click HD screen sharing – even share video
and audio clips with ease

Host Controls
You can mute/unmute panelists, and promote attendee to panelist, giving them audio & video capabilities for enhanced engagement

Private and group panelist chat (can be enabled
for attendees too) 

Remote Desktop Control
Request or give desktop control to support and troubleshoot issues on remote systems or collaborate live with your team on documents

Record locally in MP4 or MP4A format, and pro-
mote to additional audiences

Get reports on registrants, attendees, polling, per-
formance, and Q&A for follow up

End-to-end 256-bit AES encryption safeguards all
log-in information and webinar session data

Videos that offer insight into the MaX-UC experience

Join a meeting in progress on your smart phone

Managing Contacts via your MaX Desktop App

Create a meeting via MaX-UC Desktop app

Start a meeting on your smart phone

Schedule a meeting on your smart phone

MaX-UC Meeting and Collaboration Training Video

For the complete list of MaX-UC videos, please subscribe to the MaX-UC Youtube Channel

For the complete list of Training Videos on MaX UC Meetings, and the Desktop and Mobile apps


CALL 7 Accession Communicator Desktop Application Features:

  • Make a Call from your office phone system
  • Direct Dial an Extension
  • Receive Inbound Calls from your office
  • Transfer a Call back to the office
  • Send an Instant Message using CHAT
  • Uplift the Call to Accession Meeting
  • Place the Call on Hold
  • Send a Video
  • Switch to another call
  • Move the call from your Desktop to your Mobile phone while the call remains active
  • The Communicator Desktop APP provides you with PRESENCE, letting others know whether you are Available or Busy, or on the phone or in a Meeting
  • Using the CALL MANAGER You can change your call forwarding, Find Me-Follow-Me and call screening.
  • Contacts may be Entered several ways:
  • Those you directly type in
  • Contacts from Outlook or MAC local address book
  • Contacts in your Corporate Directory
  • Accession Communicator can automatically sync with Outlook and you may view or edit your Outlook contacts using Accession.

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