Secure Zoom Meetings 
and Collaboration

Secure Zoom Meetings and Collaboration

MaX-UC is a carrier-grade group communications platform, now owned by Microsoft, and is part of your new CALL 7 Enterprise Cloud Communications Service, that empowers our customers with smartphone voice and messaging services, multiple personas, unified communications and collaboration all in a simple to use, simple to set up, and simple to control experience for their Desktop and smart phones.

Here are the Key Features of MaX-UC:

  • Native dialer user experience offer the same call reliability as the native cell phone service
  • Multi-device support for voice and messaging
  • Cross-platform works with Android and iOS
  • Multiple lines or identities for voice and messaging
  • Network voice for superior quality and reliability
  • Incoming call management
  • Call join / call transfer / conferencing
  • Shared business identity for all users in a team
  • Group Feed dashboard of team activities
  • Group chat, presence, and location sharing
  • Full desktop UC and hosted PBX capabilities
  • Team call routing

MaX-UC Home Page

MaX-UC Call Analytics

Some Videos that offer insight to the MaX-UC experience

Join a meeting in progress on your smart phone

Managing Contacts via your MaX Desktop App

Create a meeting via MaX-UC Desktop app

Start a meeting on your smart phone

Schedule a meeting on your smart phone

MaX-UC Meeting and Collaboration Training Video

For the complete list of MaX-UC videos, please subscribe to the MaX-UC Youtube Channel

For the complete list of Training Videos on MaX UC Meetings, and the Desktop and Mobile apps


CALL 7 Accession Communicator Desktop Application Features:

  • Make a Call from your office phone system
  • Direct Dial an Extension
  • Receive Inbound Calls from your office
  • Transfer a Call back to the office
  • Send an Instant Message using CHAT
  • Uplift the Call to Accession Meeting
  • Place the Call on Hold
  • Send a Video
  • Switch to another call
  • Move the call from your Desktop to your Mobile phone while the call remains active
  • The Communicator Desktop APP provides you with PRESENCE, letting others know whether you are Available or Busy, or on the phone or in a Meeting
  • Using the CALL MANAGER You can change your call forwarding, Find Me-Follow-Me and call screening.
  • Contacts may be Entered several ways:
  • Those you directly type in
  • Contacts from Outlook or MAC local address book
  • Contacts in your Corporate Directory
  • Accession Communicator can automatically sync with Outlook and you may view or edit your Outlook contacts using Accession.

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