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Super Ring Group / Contact Center Application

CALL 7 Connect Super Ring Group is engineered to ensure your office never misses calls vital to your business.

Any company of any  size, even a three-person company, will see a dramatic difference when using a Contact Center to manage inbound phone calls.   We have seen the effectiveness of our Contact Center Application in many small to medium size companies:  A Queue is perfect for all  HVAC Companies regardless of how many or how few people work there, Law offices of any size, even a three person office, and many  Medical Offices where there are only two people to generally answer calls.  Our Contact Center Application can eliminate callers who hang up because there is  no one at that moment to answer their call.  

CALL 7 offers two levels of our Contact Center Application for small to medium sized businesses.  We offer these two levels in order to accommodate the needs and manage costs of small to medium business.   

CALL 7 Super Ring Group (Call Center Basic)

CALL 7 has offered this product since 2010.  We call it a SUPER HUNT GROUP.  It is a Hunt Group ( a/k/a  Ring Group)  with One, or More people assigned, where incoming calls, first attempt to ring  the assigned Phone(s) and should those phones be busy, the caller goes into a Queue and then to the first open phone.

CALL CENTER Basic provides your company with an affordable Hunt Group with a Queue, offering automatic answering of incoming calls with Comfort messages, when your associates are busy on another call.  Callers wait for a representative in the order which they’re received; prioritized however you decide.

Pricing for A Super Ring Group  (A/K/A CALL CENTER Basic)

  • Each Super Ring Group has a base cost of  $20.00 per month.
  • Each “Agent – Person” who is assigned to a Super Ring Group  is only  $7.00 per month!
  • As a person may be assigned to one or more Super Ring Groups ( Queue), however for each Queue ( Super Ring Group) they are assigned to the cost is $7.00.
  • Each Queue includes TWO  Extra Inbound Trunks to allow up to  2 extra callers to be in the QUEUE. For example: if your company has 5 trunks assigned, now with one queue you have 7 trunks.
  • You may upgrade the Call Capacity of the Queue to have FOUR extra Inbound Trunks for a Total Cost of the Super Ring Group ( Queue) of $35.00 per month.  The product name is Expanded Super Ring Group.

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