Dynamic Caller ID per Extension

  • Associates may have their own Direct Inward Dial Number ( DID ). If so, they may wish to issue their DID as the outbound Caller ID and not the Main Company Number.
  • Some associated may want the Main Company Number to be issued and only provide their DID to specific clients.
  • While some people work in a specific company, they may need their Caller ID to issue that of a Client they are representing.
  • There is a fee of $5.50 to enable the Outbound Caller ID of your DID to be used as your Outbound Number as well as an inbound number. Also, as such, the law requires any outbound caller ID to have E.911 Enabled, therefore, there is an additional fee of $1.95. Thus, the cost to enable your Direct Inbound Number, ( DID) to become your Direct Outbound number (DOD) is $7.45 per month, plus tax.

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