​​​​Burstable ​Phone Service

  • ​Get Two Extra Inbound Lines for only  $27.77 a month.
  • ​​These are  INBOUND Lines for Inbound calls only.
  • ​​Call 7.com Cloud Phone Service includes one Line ( Trunk ) for each extension. If you have 5 extensions, you have 5 Lines for inbound and outbound calls.  
  • ​Burstable Phone Service enables your company to receive more inbound calls at a great price. Each instance provides TWO additional unlimited inbound Trunks.
  • ​Add as many instance of Burstable Phone Service as needed. Service is not pro-rated. Add at any time, remove at any time to support periods of heavy call volume.
  • ​​Burstable Phone Service may be bundled with a Call Queue to handle those inbound calls. 
  • ​​Pricing is only $27.77 for two unlimited inbound trunks per month. 

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