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You can have an Auto Attendant with multiple voicemail boxes, but instead of the call ringing to your personal cell phone number you have the option for the calls ring into your "Office Phone". Call7 Networks allows Entrepreneurs to integrate both their cell phone with a Second Line and Desk Phones if they wish.

Your assistant can then Extension dial to your Second Line to reach you, you can live transfer calls from your Second Line back to your office or even a virtual receptionist. See the information on this product by clicking here.

This is great feature for Physicians and other professionals as well who do not wish to give out their personal cell number. This second line may be fully integrated into your company's phone system.

This service does not use Cell Service: No cell phone service is required. It works on any carrier's Data of Wifi. Therefore you can place a line on your any locked or unlocked cell phone, on any Tablet, PC, MAC and even an IPOD.

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Use the power of SMS (Text Messages) to increase your communication power. We can Text enable your business telephone number so you do not have to send Text Messages to Clients, Patients, and customers from your cell phone this way you avoid giving them your personal cell phone number!


W​hat Our​ C​lients Say

"We have been with Call 7 for over 10 years and started with an office of 5 people.
Today we have an office of 11 and a marketing center of 18. Call 7 has been instrumental in our ability to provide top-notch service to our customers who never receive a busy signal when calling our office.  Our Marketing Center is provided with call analytics that shows us what areas we are calling provide us with the best results.  We record our calls to ensure our customers receive the best possible customer service.  Call 7 is always there for us when we need them by simply calling."

- SUPERIOR Heating ​and Cooling Management

​"We have been with Call 7 for over 6 years when we first opened our office. Call 7 set up our phones and our Virtual Receptionist to direct our patients to renew prescriptions or set new appointments as well as office hours and location.  Of primary importance is that we have to often close our office for training and when the Dr. has to go to the hospital to see a patient.  All we have to do is press our Night Mode Button to send all calls to our answering service.  And if we forget to do so, a simple phone to support does it for us with no wait time."

- Palm Harbor Pediatrics

​"Our company provides marketing services to Leasing managers of across the U.S., and as such we are seldom in our office.  With Call 7 we use our Mobile App to make calls to our clients while at trade shows. We can log into our Call 7 Portal and see all of the calls that came into the office that day, week or month. We can see our voicemail messages live in our portal and listen to them in our Hotel Rooms, rather than have to use our Cell Phones to do so.  We use Toll Free Numbers to track our advertising campaigns and can view the Call Logs based upon a specific number on demand, so we know how that campaign is working.  Often we forget to change our greetings, so we just call Support and they do it for us on the fly.  Call 7 is great."

- Sales and Marketing Magic

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