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CALL 7Advanced Cloud-Based Phone Service for Large Medical Offices

Managing Costs for a Medical Office is as important TODAY as Managing Patient Care

Advanced Cost-Effective Cloud Communications service by CALLempowers your Medical Office to provide your patients with the support they need when they need it most.

Our winning Advanced Cloud Communications for healthcare providers:

  • CALL 7 Cloud Phone Service will run your practice more efficiently using our advanced features, integrated applications and easy to use Management portal.
  • Our services are designed to maximize your revenue by reducing overhead while enhancing your office capabilities letting our people and platform do some of the work for you.
  • Your life and your work is hard: Let your team at CALL 7 make it easier.

Why do Medical Offices use CALL7?  We offer a Managed Cloud Phone Service.  

  • Unlike all of our competition, we do not ask you to manage your phone system yourself: We do it for you, and we do it for FREE.  
  • Have you sat on the phone for 30 -45 Minutes waiting for help from those On-Line providers? We have! With CALL 7 you get a fully managed system.
  • You can do it yourself with our easy to use Management Portal, or we will manage it for you: For Free.
  • Think of Think of “The Big Guys” the “ISPs” who offer Internet and Business Phone Service:  ( Verizon, Frontier, Comcast, Spectrum, AT&T, Sprint, Time Warner, Century Link, and so on) as your Primary Care Physician.  You go to your Primary Care Physician for general checkups. If you have what they think, may be a serious issue, the Primary Care Physician sends you to a Specialist:  CALL 7 is your Specialist.  
  • Those companies offer plain vanilla service, because they must: Too much churn, too much turnover: They simply cannot support complex service configurations. However, we all need to utilize their Internet Access and TV services.  For many years the ISP’s sent companies looking for telecom services to us: Technically: We have been a provider of VoIP and Hosted Voice since 2001: Some 5 years before  ISPs sold business telecom services.  We know what works for your business!

New Patient Calls; New Appointment Calls; Referral Calls; Hospital Calls; Patient assistance calls.

All of those calls are important to your Medical Practice. Missing and or not answering those calls affects your practice as well as your patients.  We understand the importance of these calls: We are CALL 7 and we know what Works for your office.

  • CALL 7 has over 15 years of experience in managing the call service for Medical offices of all sizes.  We know what works!   You call, we answer! No waiting 45 Minutes on hold to speak to someone who, in the end, has no idea of your account.  We are a IT / Telecom premier provider with vast networking and telecom knowledge.
  • Cost Saving Service: Call 7 service is designed to save your Medical Practice money, as well as to make your phones become more effective to your business.  We sell technology that saves your money and ensures your phone service will do more for your business.  Our goal is to help you, to answer more of those important calls! While providing more features and easier to use phones.
  • By integrating Super Ring Groups, Call Queues,  Integrated Cell Phones, overflow call routing rules, time of day rules and offering to manage this all for free, is what makes CALL 7 Cloud Service a Managed Service, and that alone sets us apart from all of our competition.
  • CALL 7 Move allows you to answer a call on your Desk phone then MOVE the call to your integrated cell phone in a seamless manor.
  • With Call SHIFT  an office worker can SHIFT a call from a desk phone to a Cordless phone without initiating a new call or the caller noticing this, thus a Receptionist could Shift the call to a Cordless phone and walk the phone over to another associate. 
  • Our Cloud service is geographically redundant, meaning your service will not go down even when an entire region of the U.S. is down.
  • We offer full redundancy with Automatic Failover in your office using 4G / 5G Wireless Data Services.  Should your primary internet fail, your phones will automatically fail over to the Wireless Data Service.

Here are a few highlights of our Service offering:

  • Reliable Secure Service CALL7 is built on the most advanced platforms and networks in the World to ensure your phone service is and your phones secure. Our services are geographically redundant. And we can state, most providers do not have this level redundancy.
  • Our voice traffic is carried by three of the World’s Largest networks.
  • INTERCOM Buttons:  CALL 7 offers INTERCOM on a button.  Example:  Dave wishes to Intercom Debby.  Dave simple presses Debbie’s intercom button on his phone,  Debbie’s phone comes off hook with one BEEP and Dave may begin speaking.  Debbie does not have to “answer the call”.  Another example:  You Intercom a phone in The Kitchen and ask if Debbie is there as she has a call on Park 1.
  • PARKING Calls on dedicated buttons (Lines): You may Park a Call on a button that appears on all phones in the office. Just like placing a call on Hold on a Line.  Anyone may simply press the button, on any phone to retrieve the call. This feature is not available from Spectrum, Comcast, Frontier, Verizon. Time Warner as well as other Land Line Providers who sell VoIP Service.
  • Visual Voicemail Portal: Remember that time you accidentally deleted a voicemail that you needed? Or the time you let your voicemails build up and had to sit through erasing a dozen voicemails? With Voicemail Manager, these are troubles of the past.  This app allows you to quickly and easily manage the contents of your voicemail box. In addition, it allows you to access your voicemails remotely, as well as download, delete, retrieve, view CRD details and more. Managing voicemail boxes is easier than ever! You may select all voicemails in an account or voicemail box, bulk delete old voicemails by voicemail box or account, change voicemail statuses and/or copy voicemails to another voicemail box.

Medical offices heavily depend upon FAX:

  • CALL  Secure Fax Line with Integrated E-Fax Service for Medical Accounts    
  • A 100% reliable Secure Fax line for your outbound fax using your fax machine with unlimited long distance allows you to send from your fax machine.  This technology is 100% reliable.  Inbound Faxes:  Inbound faxes may go to your fax machine or to your Computer. Inbound faxes may be delivered into one or more Email addresses as you require. This service uses 256mb encryption and is thus both HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley compliant for Medical and Financial use.  
  • Even when your fax is out of paper, toner, or offline, your faxes will go to your email or to a Portal where they may be retrieved. You will never lose a fax. 
  • You may receive your faxes via your fax machine, or to your email. You may send faxes via your fax machine, or via your computer via a Fax Print Driver  or the Web.  Sending via Email is not HIPAA compliant.

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