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Affiliate ​Program for ​Companies

CALL 7 ​Affiliate Referral Program

​Nonprofit and Not-for-Profit organizations use our Affiliate Program to create residual monthly income while reducing costs for their members and associates. No cost to join. A Win-Win for Everyone!

​CALL 7's Affiliate Referral Program was designed to help Charities, Non​profits and Not-for-Profit organizations earn a monthly Royalty  by simply assisting CALL 7 in our marketing efforts to save companies of any size money on their telecom expenses and improve their level of service. This is truly a Win-Win for everyone.     

Our Affiliate Marketing Program is the process in which our affiliates attain a monthly recurring Royalty  by passively marketing CALL 7 Services to your members and associates.  By using Website links, links in your email newsletters, updates, notices and other communications:  Your organization can passively direct those interested in helping your organization  to inquires as to how CALL 7 will save them money, provide better service and help the organizations they care for.

The best part of the CALL 7 Affiliates program is that it costs nothing  and requires no commitment to join.

A plan that saves them money while building substantial monthly recurring residual income for the organization.  Many of our affiliates see over $1,000.00 a month every month ( and many see substantially more).

CALL 7, will provide your members and associates with all the information they need to make an informed decision.  Using CALL 7 Cloud Phone service will save your members money each month on their phone bill, regardless of who they presently use: We guarantee this and that includes the supposed Bundled pricing offered by the Internet Service Providers ( such as Comcast, AT&T, Frontier, Century Link, and others).  Even while “unbundling services” CALL 7 provides more features at a net lower price. After all, we have been selling phone service long before the Cable Companies were.

More features, better support, lower pricing, earns your organization a monthly Royalty. Everyone wins.   In fact, it makes no sense for members of your organization not to use CALL 7 Cloud phone service, regardless of the size of their company:

From a One person to an Enterprise with 1,000 or more employees.   No company is too small or too large to use our proven service which offers more advanced features than any other provider.  Use your monthly residual income to obtain Free Phone service for your organization.

CALL 7 is a long time established National provider of telecom services including VoIP, Hosted PBX, Advanced Cloud Collaboration Services, Video Conferencing and we are one of, if not, the Oldest provider of the use of Video Phones in the World, as such, the “Eye” and our moniker “ Communicate with Vision”.  Today, even more than back in 2009, travel has become more expensive, difficult and sometimes simply not practical. The use of low cost Video Phones solves the Travel issues. For more information on the use of Video Phones and the associated phenomenon of Telepresence, please go to here:  

​Send us an Email to Sales@Call7.com or call us at 877-705-6777.  

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Ask how your Organization can earn residual income each month while your members save money.

A no-cost to anyone program where your members lower expenses, while by doing so, create income to the cause they care about.

A Win-Win for everyone!

CALL 7’s Enterprise Cloud Service removes the need for on-site equipment thus eliminates the costly expense for service technicians to travel to your site for adds, moves and changes. Our built-in remote access to your phones allows us to fully manage the phones off-site.  

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