Virtual Receptionist Answering Service:
Allison Answers

Virtual Receptionist Answering Service:

Here are some common questions and answers:

Will this service work for my business?

  • Allison Answers is ideal for any size organization / business. This service will support and enhance andy size company, from one to one hundred people. Ideal for those companies who simply cannot answer all the calls. Often a the primary person of a business is busy handling customer sales and service. Let your Virtual Receptionist take the call for you with a professionally recorded greeting.

How do we receive the messages?

  • Your Messages are delivered Transcribed to one or multiple Emails and Mobile Numbers as Text Messages. Along with the Transcribed Message, is the actual voice message, just in case the caller did not speak clearly. We are the only provider who can send both the Transcribed Message along with the original voice message, to your Cell Phone both as a Text Message and or an Email.

Why not just use the voicemail of my desk phone?

  • One of the biggest issues with Voicemail, is that many people get busy and forget to check the voicemail on their desk phones, sometimes for days. If voicemails are copied to email, many people do not check their email afterhours, or on weekends and holidays. Also, as people are sometimes overwhelmed, they also fail to check their voicemail.
  • Using a professionally recorded greeting that states “ Speak Clearly as your message will be Transcribed, and delivered in minutes”. Tells your callers you care and will listen to those messages. The messages are sent to which ever method you prefer: Text and or Email. As they are Transcribed you are able to quickly glance over the message to determine the urgency.

Why not just use the voicemail of my Cell Phone?

  • Voicemail on your cell phone means the caller has reached your personal cell phone, and not your business number. Directing callers to your business number provides them with the proper greeting and advises the caller of information ( Perhaps your business hours) and Options (If this is an urgent matter, press 9 now).
  • Messages are Transcribed and recorded in your Web Based Voicemail Portal where you may view and listen to all your messages, any time, any where and on any device. The Portal provides a History of those messages.

Can you copy the messages to other associates?

  • We can send the messages to many Email addresses as well as many Cell Phones as Text Messages. This allows your assistant or other associates to respond quickly to the caller. 

Does this service fully integrate with my office phone service?

  • Allison Answers is an Add-on-Service to your CALL 7 Service and is fully integrated into your service. 
  • Call 7 Engineers support your phone service as well as your Virtual Receptionist.

Allison Answers Pricing for Customers

Allison Answers is an Add-On-Service for customers of and has no contract term. As your phone service is with this service to cost far less than any other. Other providers charge a base fee plus $1.50 per minute on the average or Per Call. Allison Answers is Flat Rate and is as low only $27.77 per month for most small businesses.

Two plans to choose from:

Comes with two optional enhancements

  • Allison’s Office

  • Allison’s Advance

  • Optional enhancement: MaX-UX Office

  • optional enhancement: ALLISON ANSWERS After-Hours Emergency Rotation Service

Allison’s Office Basic: Only $37.77 flat rate per month

Designed for most any business who needs to take calls after hours and would require an Answering Service rather than have the calls go live to someone’s cell phone. 

One Main Mailbox which can send the Transcribed Messages along with the .wav file to One or Multiple Email address and to One or Multiple Cell Phones as a TEXT message. What is amazing, is the Transcribed Message comes into your Messaging App, with the details of the call, along with an attached .wav file you can simply click on to listen to. You may use this system for whenever you do not answer your phones. 
Your calls are Forwarded with options as follows:

    • Based on Specific Hours and Days ( After Hours, Weekends, Holidays). This is set up by your CALL 7 Support Team, in your telephone service portal. 
    • Based upon the Criterial of Call Forward No Answer. If no one can answer the calls in your office, calls will go to this service, where the caller is greeted with a message, just like a voicemail box. This is set up by your CALL 7 Support Team, in your telephone service portal

Messages are Transcribed and immediately sent to one or more Emails or Cell Phones as a Text Message. Some people do not speak clearly, as such, the message will not be properly transcribed. Therefore, we also send you the Voice File attached so you may listen to the message as well.  

Send the Transcribed Message to the Cell Phones of as many associates as you need.

Send Copies of the Transcribed messages to Emails as well.

All billing is Flat Rate: No cost per minute: No cost per calls. 

Having your Greeting professionally created and recorded by Allison Smith will make a dramatic difference in the way people respond to this service.

Pricing for Allison Answers is different for Existing Customers than accounts. CLICK HERE if you are Not an Existing Customer of 

Allison Answers is an Add-On-Service for existing customers.
The The telecom costs associated with an Answering service are part of a customer’s account.

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