​​Essential BusinessBasic ​Fax ​Line

As low as

$​​2​1.77 / per month​​*

  • ​This product is ideal for the average business who sends faxes occasionally and wishes to use a Fax Machine.
  • ​This service is provisioned exactly the same as a Fax Line from a Cable Company such as Comcast or Spectrum would be.
  • ​The CALL 7 Essential Business Basic Fax Line is designed for the average business who still uses a Fax Machine to send and receive faxes.  Some people today, simply find it easier to use a fax machine.
  • ​This service is compatible with most small Fax Machines and All-In-One-Printers.  It may not work with the Larger Floor Model Printers with a Fax Modem, such as a Konica-Minolta Biz Station. The only way to be sure, is to try it.  
  • ​We have deployed this technology since 2002: It was the most used fax service as people transitioned to VoIP.
  • ​We send you a Device ( an  Analog Telephone Adapter or ATA) which is then used to send / receive faxes with your fax machine.
  • ​The device is usually either attached with the supplied Velcro to the back of the Fax / Printer (Device) or it may sit by the Fax / Printer.
  • ​The ATA requires AC Power, so you must plug it into electricity.
  • ​The ATA has a built in Ethernet Switch.  You come from the Wall with the Existing Ethernet ( Patch Cord) that went to the Fax /Printer and instead plug it into the ATA.  Then from the ATA you go out and into the Device with the supplied new Patch Cord.  No new cable runs required.
  • ​Instructions come with the ATA to show you how to set it up. It is actually very easy to install.
  • ​​​Pricing is $21.77 + tax, per month with unlimited use.

Optional Inbound EFAX Service Add-On for the Basic Fax Line Service.

  • ​If you would prefer to have your FAX come to your EMAIL instead of your Fax machine, but you do want to use  your Fax machine to send faxes, you may add INBOUND EFAX SERVICE to the Basic Fax Line Service.
  • ​We port your fax number to allow inbound EFAX. Your outbound Fax goes from your fax machine. You set the Number on your fax machine header to read your published Fax Number.
  • ​UNLIMITED INBOUND EFAX to one email address in combination with the  Basic Fax Line Service is only $8.00 per month + tax.
  • ​Total per month for both services:  Essential Basic Fax Line and Unlimited Inbound Efax:  $29.77    

​* Plus applicable taxes with no added taxes or surcharges.  $25.00 to port your fax number.

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