CALL7 ​​​​​​​​​P​ARK

As low as

$​5.77 / per month per user*

​​Many people have a home phone number, or an old business number, they wish to keep.

  • ​Have a number you no longer use and want to keep it? Perhaps a home phone or a business number you no longer use but you want to keep.
  • ​Safely PARK your numbers with
  • ​You may re-activate and use your old number at any time.

CALL7 ​​​​​​​​​P​ARK ​PLUS

As low as

$​​7.77 / per month per user*

​​You have or need to PARK a number; however, you do not wish to miss an occasional important calls to that number.  CALL PARK PLUS includes a Message Box with a personal or generic greeting.

  • ​With Call 7 PARK PLUS, you may store old numbers forever and have the calls go to a Message Box with a greeting. The messages will be sent to your email.
  • ​​Incoming calls go to a Customized Greeting and then Voicemail.
  • ​Any messages are sent to your Email.
  • ​You have a PORTAL to log in an check your messages as well.
  • ​Messages remain forever, until you delete them.
  • ​Use PARK Plus for special events. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE
  • ​Use a new Number for your event at no extra charge.  

​* Plus applicable taxes with no added taxes or surcharges.  Billed annually on a 12 month agreement.  Billing not pro-rated when service terminated. E911 is not available with this service.

​** Pricing is for One Number:  Add additional numbers to either plan for $3.77* per number per month.
With Park Plus, all numbers ring to the same mailbox.
There is a one-time porting fee of $25.00 to port your number(s).

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