CALL7 ​​​​​​​​​​CONNECT ​​PRO

As low as

$​21.77 / per month per user*

​​​Information on Desk Phones:

  • ​​Outfit your office with the latest IP Desk phones which utilize inexpensive Bluetooth Headsets and utilize Secure WiFi to eliminate the need for Cabling.
  • ​Service Highlights:  
  • ​​​​Our Desk phones offer multiple screens to allow everyone in the office to see who is on their phone.
  • ​Park Calls on a button, so they may be picked up on any phone at any time by anyone. No need to Transfer a Call ( but you still have that option).
  • ​​Send calls silently directly to voicemail without ringing the phone.
  • ​Use Directed Call Pickup to pick up the call on ringing phone in your office.
  • ​Voicemail messages are send to your phone as well as your email.
  • ​Our phones use specific firmware and are Cloud Provisioned to enable CALL 7 engineers to fully remotely manage your phones right down to the names on the buttons. As such, we only support phones obtained via CALL
  • ​Our Easy to use ICON Driven Portal, allows anyone to easily fully manage their own Cloud Service. The interface was designed to be simply enough for a 10-year-old to manage it. We will, however, manage your system for free if you wish us to do so for you.
  • Never miss a call with optional Burstable Phone Service and or optional CALL QUEUE.
  • Optional Burstable Phone Service: Get 3 extra Inbound Lines for only $29.77 per month.*
  • Optional CALL QUEUE with one Primary Agent for $47.00 per month*  
  • ​Each Call Queue includes 3 Extra Inbound Lines to handle calls in the queue.
  • ​Add additional agents for only $7.00 per month per agent.
  • ​Note: this Call Queue is provisioned via the CALL 7 Basic Call Center App.
  • ​For more information on the CALL 7 Connect Portal go here: CALL 7 Connect Portal.
  • ​​​ Optional Operator Console: Busy front desk personnel now have a friend with the Operator Console application. This app enables you to view live call data, all current active calls, call durations and call direction (inbound or outbound) in one simple glance. With the summary view, you can view the productivity of your office and are able to view who is on the phone, how many calls are made, and the amount of time being spent on the phone.  
  • ​Operator Console is only $27 for your entire company as it is then available for everyone to use.
  • ​​BASIC E-FAX SERVICE: Unlimited Inbound / Outbound EFAX may be added for only  $9.77 per month with a Dedicated Fax Number.
  • ​​Optional Fax services are available. For more information on our Secure Fax and a Line for a fax machine Click here:
  • ​​​Optional Operator Console Pro:  In addition to the views given to you in Operator Console Pro gives you the added functionality of call control.
  • ​​​​You can handle inbound calls from watched numbers on the system, Park and Retrieve calls without having to remember feature codes, see who’s on the line elsewhere – all directly from a web interface. Additionally, you can route calls to any user, device, voicemail, conference, ring group or queue.
  • ​​​​For a more detailed description of the capabilities of Operator Pro, go here   LEARN MORE
  • ​Only Operator Console Pro or Operator Console can be active in your system: One, or, the other.
  • ​Operator Console Pro is only $55.00 per month for your entire company. It is then available for everyone assigned to use it at no extra per user cost. This product compares to our competition who want $65.00 a month per user!

​​​Information on the use of SMART Phones / Cell Phones:

  • ​PACK LITE: Use your SMART PHONE:   Remote workers carry a complete office experience in the palm of their hand. Personal cell numbers remain private, as calls made within the application appear to come from your office phone and not your personal cell phone.
  • ​In today’s business often associates are in and out of the office and or, you have a limited office staff. Calls need to ring to multiple cell phones and or a few desk phones at the same time. Callers reach your Virtual Receptionist and are then directed to choose options, which will send callers to your cell phones, desk phones and or voice message boxes. This managed service allows smaller companies to take advantage of the full power of your new phone system.
  • ​The ideal easy to use solution for any business who would like to sound bigger and stay connected their customers is Call 7 Connect Pro. With Call 7 Connect Pro your calls come to your Cell phone from an Auto-Attendant. You may have many extensions for calls to ring to. For example: "Press 1 to reach our sales dept" rings to your phone. "Press 2 to reach billing, may go to another cell phone, or a land line number".
  • ​Get a SECOND Line on your existing Cell Phone for as low as only $6.77 per month* : This is great feature for Physicians and other professionals as well who do not wish to give out their personal cell number.
  • ​This second line may be fully integrated into your company's phone system.  $6.77 Per Month when the Mobile Device is a second registered device to a desk phone in your phone system with or  $9.77 per month for a stand-alone mobile device.
  • ​Unlike other service providers with our service you can DIRECT EXTENSION DIAL between Cell Phones and Desk Phones without the use of a cumbersome app on your phone. The ideal easy to use solution for all entrepreneurs who needs to sound bigger and stay connected their customers is Call 7 Connect.

CALL7 ​​​​​​​​​​CONNECT ​​PRO

​Monthly Service pricing as low as $​21.77*

  • ​1-3 desk extensions $2​5.​77*
  • ​4-9  desk extensions $2​3.​77*
  • ​10+  desk extensions $​21.​77*
  • ​Smart / Cell phone pricing is outlined in the CALL 7 CONNECT Express pricing.

​​* Plus applicable Taxes, with no added Fees, Surcharges or added taxes.  Billed Monthly on Auto Payment via Debit, Credit card, or Bank Draft. Billing not pro-rated when service terminated. Late fees apply after the 10th of the month.

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