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$​7.77 / per month per user*

  • ​FORWARD your Cell / Office / Home number to a Virtual Receptionist to Stop ROBO CALLS.
  • ​CALL 7  ORBIT provides you with a new secrete number to Forward your Cell / Home/ Business number to.
  • ​With this service you are not changing your original phone number.
  • ​Calls ring into a  Virtual Receptionist where they are greeted by a message.
  • ​To reach you, they must listen to the Greeting and then,  select one of the options.
  • ​This process stops  those robo calls.
  • ​Press 1, goes to a Message box where the messages come into your email. Plus you may check your messages any time via any device.
  • ​Press 2, sends the calls to your Cell phone, Home or Business phone with Answer Confirmation:  “To accept this call press any key”. If you do not answer the call, the call goes to voicemail.

​Tired of dealing with calls to your Cell number?  

  • ​Too Many Bill Collectors and pesty folks have your cell number?
  • ​GET A NEW CELL NUMBER, and PARK your Old Cell Number.
  • ​With this service you are not changing your original phone number.
  • ​Get a new Cell Number from your Provider and then PORT Old Cell Number to CALL 7 PARK PLUS, where we will send all of your calls to your old number to a Virtual Receptionist with your special greeting.
  • ​This way your old cell number is not lost, yet, you can now screen  your calls, and only give out your new cell number to select folks.
  • ​Outbound Calls go out from your New Cell Number.
  • ​​You may always re-activate your old Cell Number at any time.

​CALL7 ​Connect Orbit $​7.77

​​​* Plus applicable Taxes, with no added Fees, Surcharges or added taxes.  $9.77 + tax, when billed Monthly on Auto Payment via Debit, Credit card, or Bank Draft.  Late fees apply after the 10th of the month.  Or only $7.77+ tax  when billed annually with a 12- month agreement.  Billing not pro-rated when service terminated. E-911 Service is not available with this service.

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