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$1​0.77 / per month per user*

  • ​Call 7 Connect Express: The New Generation of Communication for today's Entrepreneur and Small Business focuses on the needs of smaller companies with Features, Services and Affordable Pricing designed for any business where your customers reach your company via Cell Phones.
  • ​This managed service allows smaller companies to take advantage of the full power of your new phone system.
  • ​Callers reach your Virtual Receptionist and are then directed to choose options, which will send callers to your cell phones, desk phones and or voice message boxes.
  • ​You can have a Virtual Receptionist with multiple voicemail boxes, but instead of the call ringing to your personal cell phone number you have the option for the calls ring into your "Office Phone".
  • ​​Our CALL 7 FUSE Service is available for Any Mobile Phone:  Any Make; any Model; Smart Phone or Not a Smart Phone; and on any Carriers’ service.  CALL 7 Fuse allow your mobile phone to become fully integrated with your phone system.  FUSE allows you to extension dial between the cell phones and into the office directly to an extension or out from the office to a Cell Phone as an Extension.  Call are then Logged in your Call Logs.  We also support Non-Smart Phones as well as for those, who do not wish to use an Application. It works, either way.  In addition, this technology does not use your Data service, it uses the native dialer on your cell phone. Thus, calls do not drop, and have the same clarity as your native cell phone.  This service is unique to  The Pricing for CALL 7 Fuse service is an additional $4.00 per month.

  • ​​​Burstable phone service, is a ​sub-service of Call 7 Connect and can be added by a client as a service, it is then associated with Call 7 Connect Express and PRO both as a Sub Service, it allows people to have extra Inbound lines for, perhaps an Advertisement they are running.
  • ​​​​​A Super Ring Group is an Optional Service which may be added to Call 7 Connect Express and PRO both as a ​sub-service. It allows people to have a Call Queue ( Like calling Citibank) attached to a ring Group:  One or More Phones with people assigned to the Queue are both "Available and Not presently on an active call".  It therefore  ANSWERS the incoming calls .. and plays a message telling people they will be with them shortly, and places them on Hold, in a Queue.  VS  Someone having to Answer the phone, while on another call, and then place people on Hold, while they address the call they were on, only to usually end up forgetting about the other call on hold. The moment one of the assigned people hang up, they are Presented with a call, ..and have no choice in the matter.


  • ​One Number with your Extensions allows for multiple incoming call handling.
  • ​Get new local numbers in any area, or port your existing number.
  • ​No Busy signals: Never Miss a Call,  Calls Ring to your Virtual Assistant where callers are directed.
  • ​​Calls then ring out to One or more Cell Phones as directed.
  • ​​Unlimited RING GROUPS.
  • ​​Each extension has its own Voicemail box with voicemail to email.
  • ​A Local Number is included with Each Extension.
  • ​A Toll-Free Number is only $5.00 a month** .
  • ​Un​answered calls go to your Office Greeting / Office Voicemail, and NOT to your personal cell phone greetings.
  • ​Voicemails are sent to one or more emails, plus you can retrieve your voicemail from your Cell phone, and or via your Visual Voicemail Portal.
  • ​Custom Greetings for your Virtual Receptionist and for Each Extension.
  • ​On-Demand Live Call Logs of ALL incoming calls.
  • ​If you make outbound calls on your Mobile Phones via CALL 7Fuse, those calls are also logged in the Call Logs. The Pricing for CALL 7 Fuse service is an additional $4.00 per month.
  • ​Optional Call Recording of all Inbound and Outbound calls is available.
  • ​BASIC E-FAX SERVICE: Unlimited Inbound / Outbound EFAX may be added for only  $9.77 per month with a Dedicated Fax Number.
  • ​​Optional Fax services are available. For more information on our Secure Fax and a Line for a fax machine Click here:
  • ​​Extension Dial between your cell phones with CALL 7Fuse: No cumbersome cell phone app is required, works with all phones and all carriers.
  • ​Two people or more, on your same plan, may even direct extension dial each other: Like the old NEXTEL phones did.
  • ​Includes easy to use ICON Driven Portal, allowing you to fully manage your service in minutes.


  • ​​Pricing per user where their cell phone is their primary office phone.
  • ​Pricing is only $10.77* per month per user when billed annually. Or only $14.77* billed monthly.
  • ​​Price includes one phone number per cell phone user.
  • ​Add a desk phone to a User with a Mobile Phone for $9.00 + tax per month:  A total of only $19.77 + tax when billed annually, or only $25.77 when billed monthly.
  • ​​Add a stand a-lone office desk phone to this plan for only $17.77* per month per user when billed annually, or only $21.77* billed monthly.
  • ​​Add CALL 7 FUSE to this plan for any Cell phone, for only $4.00 per month.

* ​Plus applicable Taxes, with no added Fees, Surcharges or added taxes.  $14.77 + tax, when billed Monthly on Auto Payment via Debit, Credit card, or Bank Draft.  Late fees apply after the 10th of the month. Or only $10.77+ tax  when billed annually with a 12-month agreement.  Billing not pro-rated when service terminated. E-911 Service is not available with this service.

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