Ring Groups / Hunt Groups

  • Create groups of extensions to ring when calls ring to a number, or Virtual Receptionist. You may have any number of Desk Phones and Cell Phones with Mobile Aps in a ring group. For example: “ Thank you for calling ABC Air Conditioning, for Service Press “ 1” that rings a group of extension in the office, or, For Sales Press “ 2 ”, that rings several phones in the office, as well as out to Sales Reps who have the Mobile App, on their cell phone.
  • An example of a Hunt Group may in a Medical office. “ Thank you for Calling Palm Medical is this is a medical emergency please hang up and call 911. If you are a new Patient and wish to Schedule an Appointment Press “1”.

    This rings a specific group of extensions: However, if those people are all on the phone, or cannot answer the call, as this is a “new patient” and you wish those calls to be answered, the calls then go to a second group of phones.
  • Add a Call Queue to a Ring Group for a Super Ring Group. A Super Ring Group will check to see who is available to answer the call based upon the members of that ring group. If all members are busy on the phone, or away from their desks, callers are Greeted with Comfort Messages and or Commercials about your company while they are On-Hold. Once a person in that ring group becomes available to take the call, the call automatically rings into that desk. As a note, those in the Queue, must Log-In, and if they are to leave their desk for any reason, they must Log-Out of the Queue.

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