• Paging feature is used to make a one-way announcement to users via a phone speaker.

One-way paging

  • One-way announcement to users with extensions registered.
  • When a broadcaster makes a paging call, the group members' phones automatically answer into speakerphone mode. Group members cannot talk with the broadcaster during the call.
  • One-way Paging feature allows a broadcaster to make an announcement to users. The called parties' phones will not ring, but instead directly answering into speakerphone mode. This topic describes how to set up a one-way paging group.
  • Paging may consist of PAGING Groups.  You may have a page button that Pages All phones and or a Page button that pages a specific group of phones.  You may have as many Paging Groups as you wish.
  • Paging may also include an Overhead Paging system as well as Paging Horns outside the building.
  • Paging is only possible within a single office where all the phones are on the same physical network.
  • You may have a Paging Group in a remote office which can only page those phones in that remote office.
  • Paging is supported by Call via Auto-Provisioned Phones and specifically approved devices.

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