Optional Call Center Application

Hybrid PBX System introduces an inbound call center solution to improve agent efficiency, responsiveness, and ultimately customer satisfaction for SMEs running service centers.

Besides standard communications features, Call Distribution, Queue Panel, Wallboard, SLA, and Call Reports are all designed to support more proactive performance monitoring, reporting, and management.

Call Center Console Components

Call Center Console is a web-based utility integrated with Linkus Web Client, including Wallboard and Queue Panel.

  • Wallboard: A Wallboard is a reporting tool that displays call center metrics and KPIs to allow managers and agents to monitor and optimize performance.
  • Queue Panel: Show the call metrics and agents' performance in real time, and offer a comprehensive view on activity of call. It is available to manager and agents to manage queue calls.

Wallboard Overview

  • The Wallboard allows you to easily view real-time information related to queues. This topic describes what you can do on Wallboard and the call metrics displayed on the Wallboard.
  • Wallboard is only available for call center manager.
  • As a queue manager, you can quickly access all the important information about your queues in real time on Wallboard. Yeastar Wallboard drills down into your queue’s daily, weekly, or monthly performance, providing an insight into call volumes, response rates, and service level.
  • You can display call metrics for each queue independently as needed. With a Wallboard displayed on a TV or a dedicated "wallboard", each queue agents should be able to understand their performance at a glance. In this way, agents are continuously up to date with service level agreements and daily targets, which increases efficiency and workload output.

Wallboard Shot

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