Cloud Redundancy Option

  • Included with your Telephone Service ( SIP TRUNKS) is a Cloud Redundancy Feature with additional Options available.
  • CALL 7 Sip Trunks, (the dial tone, to your system) are provisioned by our Cloud Service. As such, your Main Trunk, has an associated Cloud Extension, which is accessible by our technician, and by your Administrator, with proper permissions.
  • Your Sip Trunks may be provisioned on either the CALL 7 CONNECT or CALL 7 Enterprise Service, depending upon your needs and requirements. 
  • CALL 7 CONNECT Service offers an easy-to-use Icon Based Portal, ( SMART PBX ) to manage specific features. CALL 7 engineers are available to make changes to many features, which is covered by the Annual Maintenance Management agreement as mentioned in the Remote Cloud Management Feature section.
  • Unlike all other Premise based Systems, if your power goes out, or your phone lines are cut, or your Internet goes out, those phone systems are then Dead-To-The-World.
  • The Built-In Cloud Redundancy for your new Hybrid Premise based system will ensure your customers / clients / patients will always reach a person, or a voicemail, but not Dead Air or a Fast Busy signal.

Some features:

  • Daily Hours, Weekend Hours, and Holiday Hours
  • Forwarding of all Calls during after hours, Holidays, and weekends 
  • Forwarding of Calls during an unexpected event.
  • Automatic Forwarding of the Calls should your building loose power or internet.
  • In the instance that your building loose internet or power, where there is not a person or place to forward the calls to, a Voicemail Box with Voicemail to Email will be in place as well as the Visual Voicemail Portal. This is not, to replace the system’s voicemail. This is only a BACKUP Redundancy feature. 
  • In addition, should your building experience a catastrophic event, where you will be out of the building for an extended period of time, we can, in an hour, create a Virtual Cloud PBX and send calls to an IVR and then out to Cell Phones, which may load our Mobile App, so outbound calls, from those cell phones, will issue your office number. There would be an additional cost for that setup and users.

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