Call Queue

What is a Call Queue

A queue is like a virtual waiting room, in which callers wait in line to talk with the available agent. When the customer calls in PBX and reaches the queue, he/she can hear the hold music and announcement while the queue distributing the call to the available agents.

Queue Components

A queue call consists of the following parts:

  • Callers: Customers who place calls to the queue.
  • Agents: Members who answer the queue calls (extensions or users that log in as agents)
  • Static agent: The agent is always a member of the queue and cannot log out.
  • Dynamic agent: The agent can log in to or log out of a queue at any time.
  • Announcement: Announcements played to callers and agents, including agent ID announcement, position announcement, and periodic announcement.
  • Music on Hold: Music or advertisements played to callers while waiting in the queue.
  • Ring Strategy: A strategy for how to distribute calls to agents.
  • Failover destination: A destination to which calls will be routed in the following scenarios.
  • The number of callers that wait in a queue reaches the Maximum Callers In Queue.
  • The time that callers wait reaches the Maximum Waiting Time.
  • No agents in queue and the caller is pulled out of a queue.

Queue Preference

Queue preference settings are available, including queue capacity, service level agreement, announcement, and satisfaction survey.

  • Queue capacity
  • Define the maximum number of calls to wait in the queue.
  • Whether to pull the caller out of queue when no agents available in the queue
  • Whether to allow the caller to join in when no agents in the queue.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): With call center service activated, you can use SLA to define a certain level of service in a call center scenario, such as answering 80% of calls within 20 seconds.
  • Announcement
  • Caller announcement, including the agent ID announcement and position announcement.
  • Periodic announcement
  • Satisfaction survey: In a call center scenario, you can make a satisfaction survey to collect customer feedback.

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