Call Park with Park Buttons

What are the advantages of Call Park with Buttons?

Call Park with Park Buttons makes life easier in a busy office. You answer a call, if the call is not for you, simply Press one of the Green Park Buttons. The call is now Parked on that Button which now Flashes. Notify the person who the call is for, “You have a Call on Park 1”. Once the call is retrieved off Park 1, that Park Button is available for another Call. Thus, two or three park buttons usually suffice for most companies.

Call Park with Park Buttons takes the convenience of a call transfer and provides even greater flexibility. CALL 7 users can put callers in “parking Buttons” that appear on all the phones in your office. This allows the call to be picked up, on any phone at any time without losing the call. Callers are automatically placed on HOLD, and listen to your Music or Messages-On-Hold until the call is picked up.   

Parking on a Button works like “Lines” on older systems. You can Place a call on PARK simply by pressing the PARK button. The call may be then retrieved by anyone, on any phone, at any time, by simply pressing the flashing Park Button.

You may notify another party in your office they have a call Parked for them by intercom or paging. You may also Transfer the call as opposed to Parking the Call.

Yealink Phone with two Park Buttons in the upper right of the screen

What is the difference between Call PARK with Park Buttons & Transfer?

Call Transfer sends the call to a specific extension. If the person is not available, the call will go to their voicemail. Call Transfer requires the call to be answered immediately. Call Park with Park Buttons allows time for the person receiving the call, to gather thoughts, and finish a task at hand. 

CALL 7 configures multiple Park Buttons on all phone in your office.

In office with Multiple CALL PARK Buttons, it is important to indicate which Park ( Park 1, Park 2, Park 3) the call is on. Once a PARKED Call is retrieved, that Park Button goes from Flashing RED to Green, is now free to be used again.

A Parked Call, may be retrieved on a any phone. Thus, if the user is not in their office, they may pick up the call on any other available phone in the office. Just like picking up a Flashing Line Key on an older system.

Call Park with Park Buttons helps your customers to have their calls answered.

Transferring a call to a single extension, may mean the call is not answered as the user is busy. Call Park with Park Buttons allows anyone in the office to Pickup the Parked Call. The call may be then Transferred to the intended user, or, PARKED again for the Intended user to pick up the call.

Call Park with Park Buttons does not tie up your “Lines”.

Unlike older Key Systems, when a LINE is left on HOLD, that line is “Tied Up” which limits your call capacity. Placing a call on a PARK Button, does not affect your available call Capacity. You may have 3 or calls on PARK, and still be able to receive many more calls.

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