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Outages and keeps your business up and running

Internet Outages cost any business a great deal. If your restaurant / retail store or medical practice, loses internet: You are out of business and might as well close the doors and send your employees home.

No Internet means: No Business. Medical offices cannot set up appointments or process prescriptions. Restaurants cannot take orders, and process credit card payments. You are: OUT OF BUSINESS!

The cost of internet outages is staggering to any business. In fact, just one full day’s outage, could be more than a year’s worth of Backup Internet Service. There is reason these days not to protect your business against a damaging Internet Outage.

Internet Outages do not have to be for a full day to damage your business. Imagine not being able to take and process your phone in orders during a Friday evening: A two hour outage will cost your business thousands of dollars. Some people may even think, you have gone out of business and may not call back.

Did you know there is an easy fix, to never losing Internet Access for your business for a minimal cost?

CALL 7.com offers Reliable Cloud Managed Automatic 4G / 5G Cellular Backup Internet to keep your business up and running.

CALL 7.com offers Reliable Cloud Managed Automatic 4G / 5G Cellular Backup Internet to keep your business up and running.

Our backup Internet Cellular Service will support your phones, your credit card Terminals, your Point of Sales terminals, and for Medical Offices the ability for your computers to remain connected to your Electronic Health Services.

With redundant connections, your router or firewall can be configured to automatically and seamlessly switch from your primary connection to your backup connection until things get back to normal.

Businesses get internet redundancy by installing a secondary connection that runs on a different backbone than their primary connection. If your primary internet primary connection drops, the secondary one automatically will kick in to keep your business humming along.

Ask us today about protecting your business against catastrophic Internet outages.

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