Introducing CALL7’s PIZZA CALL System:
Solutions for Busy Restaurants, Stores and Offices

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Empower your Restaurant / Office / Store to handle many incoming calls at once and not lose that business due to hang ups from busy or unanswered calls

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Restaurants and Stores who take phone orders are now able to increase their ability to answer more calls and take orders, during the busiest times without adding more phones or phone lines

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Looking for a new low cost 4 Line Phone System?
Introducing the CALL 7's new 4-Line Phone System

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Looking for a low-cost 4 Line Phone System
for your new Restaurant or Office?

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Check out the new CALL 7 4 Line Hybrid Key System;
Pay only for Lines and not for Extensions



See Details Below

Limited Time Offer! ACT NOW!

CALL 7 now offers an Affordable Easy to Use, Easy to Install 4-Line Phone System for your office.
Below is the information on this exciting new technology: Pay only for the Lines, and not for the Extensions.
As a note, below is information on a our Medical Practice Call Manager System, a more sophisticated solution for larger busy offices. Now with CALL 7 you have a Choice! To Learn how your office can get a FREE 4 Line Phone System, please read down the page.

Introducing the Affordable CALL 7 4-Line Phone System for your Restaurant - Retail Store

M1 SIP DECT Repeater

4-Line Handset

4-Line Base Station

4-Line Rugged Handset


Our new 4-Line Phone System installs in minutes without the need for Cabling or Wiring.

Maybe you need to add more phones but do not wish to pay for more phone lines?

Hosted VoIP systems bill by the Extension: 8 Phones = 8 Extensions that you have to pay for.

Have up to 10 Phones: Desk Phones, Wall Mounted Phones and Rugged Hand Held Phones and only pay for the lines and not extensions.

  • Hosted VoIP systems bill by the Extension: 8 Phones = 8 Extensions that you have to pay for.
  • Now, you can pay only for the Lines, and not, for the Extensions.
  • With the new 4-Line Phone System: Have up to 10 phones, but only pay for up to Four Lines.
  • For example: You could have 6 phones and only pay for Three Lines.
  • Installs in minutes: No Wiring / No Cabling required.
  • An optional virtual receptionist may provide hours and directions, or direct callers to your other locations or offer Advertisements, before your calls ring in to your business.
  • Intercom any phone, transfer calls from one phone to another, Place a line on hold, and pick up the call on any other phone by simply pressing the respective flashing line key.
  • Voicemail to Email is included.
  • Voicemail Transcription is available.
  •  A Desktop and Mobile app is also Included with your new service.
  • See your call analytics and history via our Web Panel from any PC, MAC, or Mobile Device.
  • Transfer Calls out to the Mobile App , Transfer calls out to Cell Phones.
  • Make calls via your Business number, from your Mobile App.
  • Note: A Call Queue is not available with this system, as all calls ring in on the lines, on all your phones.

It's easy for your employees to handle multiple calls and always know who is on hold and needs attention. This Key-Line system allows someone to place a call on hold with one button, and then retrieve the call from another device. Our 4-Line Hybrid Key System is ideal for small businesses that need an easy-to-learn and use solution. PIZZA shops, retail stores, small medical offices, and used car dealerships will all find this powerful system the perfect communication tool for their busy schedule.

Here are the rules and options for your new
FREE CALL 7 4-Line Hybrid Phone System

  1. Your new 4-Line Hybrid Phone System runs on SIP TRUNKS from CALL Thus you new system will require your business to use our service. 
  2. All you need for our service to work with your new System is Internet Access.
  3. Our pricing is $34.77 per line, and you may have from One to Four Lines on your new system.
  4. You do get all the features listed above with your new system.

Phones for your new 4-Line System

Not only is the SYSTEM FREE, but you can get Free Phones as well!

For each Line of service activated with you get one Free Phone:

  • Phone options include: Cordless Desk Phones which may be Wall Mounted
    Hand-Held Cordless Phones
  • Your Free Phones include the new M10KLE 4-Line Cordless Handset. You get ONE Free M10KLE for each line of service you order.
  • You may Upgrade to a M18KLE Desk Phone, with Built-In Battery and Wall Mount for only $109.00 upcharge to a free phone.
  • You may also Upgrade to the M10R-KLE Rugged Hand-Held Cordless phones for a $129.00 upcharge to a free phone.
  • Thus, if your system has Three Lines, you get the System and Three Snom M10KLE Cordless Phones Phones for Free. 
  • You may purchase more Phones as you wish. 

PIZZACALL™: Advanced Solutions for Busy
Restaurants, Stores and Offices

Are busy signals and unanswered calls, costing your Restaurant lost business?’s Pizza Call is your Answer.

  • Restaurants and Stores who take phone orders may want to increase their ability to answer MORE calls and take MORE orders, during the busiest times.
  • But you cannot hire more people, or add more phones or lines
  • Because there are no more people to answer more incoming calls you lose business. 
  • CALL’s PIZZACALL™ system, allows your Restaurant / Office / Store to handle many incoming calls at once and not lose that business.
  • A virtual receptionist may issue your Hours and Directions, or Inform Callers of some new options, or Direct callers to your other locations.
  • The use of CALL QUEUING / Auto-Answering eliminates hang ups due to un-answered or busy signals.
  • No one want to have their call answered only to hear: Please Hold and then nothing.
  • When calls cannot be answered live, they are Automatically Answered, placed on Hold via Call Queues. The callers then listen to On-Line Infomercials which inform your callers about Specials and Add-Ons to their order, they may not have thought of: “Add some of our home-made Cannoli for your desert.”
  • You may even offer Outgoing Message Boxes to deliver information on topics like using a Delivery Services, or Special Orders for those with food allergies.
  • PIZZACALL™ from helps to process and deliver those calls to your Restaurant / Office and improves customer satisfaction.
  • We can send your calls to your other locations or remote associates who can answer calls and send in orders if one location is down, due to a power outage.
  • uses Yealink’s newest WiFi Enabled Phones: Desk or Wall Mount: No Ethernet Cabling required.
  • Mix and Match Desk phones, with Yealink’s new Rugged Handheld Cordless phones tough enough for any kitchen. 
  • Integrated Desktop and Mobile apps for any device allow you to control your system from anywhere.
  • Call reports are available On-Demand via your easy to use Web Portal. 
  •’s PizzaCall™ offers your busy Restaurant, Store or Office an Advanced Managed Solution to empower your busy store.

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