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  • ​Callers will be placed in holding pattern with comfort messages / music until an someone becomes available to answer their call.  This is a great opportunity to tell you callers more about your business.
  • ​Callers may Reach your Virtual Receptionist, select the party they wish to speak which such as Support, or to refill a prescription, then the Call goes to the Queue. The Queue instantly looks for an Open Available associate to take that call. If everyone is on their phone, the Caller is Placed in the Queue.  The first person to hang up.
  • ​​Calls may ring directly to a Call Queue, and if associates are available, the call is then immediately answered.  
  • ​Incoming calls may receive a brief announcement such as “Your call may be recorded for training and quality assurance purposes”  and then the call rings in.
  • ​​Calls may ring into a Ring Group first, and if no one answers the calls, then go to a Queue.
  • ​​​A Call Queue may have a few as ONE person or many people. Each person in the Queue is known as an Agent.  Each agent must Log into the Queue to start, and they must, log out of the Queue when they leave it. Even to just take a 2-minute break, they must log out of the Queue upon leaving it.
  • ​​Call Queues provide your company with analytics and call data.
  • ​You may add more Inbound Trunks to support more calls with our Burstable Phone Service.  Add Three more inbound Trunks for only $37.77 per month.
  • ​A Call Queue may be added to ANY PLAN.
    Call Queues are Part of the Call 7.com Call Center Suite but are available with all Plans. Pricing varies upon the Details of the Queue and number of people in the Queues.  In order to have a Queue, you must have at least One Agent assigned to the Queue.  If that agent should leave their desk, they must log out of the Queue, which may be done via the Portal or via a Button on the phone.  If the primary person for the Queue logs out, someone else must be logged into the Queue.  

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