CALL 7 FUSE Phone Plan comes with New Business Number for Your Cell Phone

Make Outbound Cell Calls on a new Business number, while keeping your personal Cell Number active.

As low as

$12.77 / per month per user*

  • Now you will have TWO Numbers on your cell phone:  Your original personal number and your New Business Number.  
  • Make and receive calls to and from Both Numbers.
  • Use your new number for Business, use your personal number for personal Calls.rvice you are not changing your original phone number.
  • CALL 7  FUSE provides you with a new number in  your Local Area Code to make calls out from.  Now you are no longer making calls from an Unknown area code. This is especially important for REALTORS who move to a new state and still use their old cell phone number from another state.
  • For example, Mary moves from Columbus Ohio to Tampa FL to sell Real Estate.  Yet Mary still uses her cell number from Columbus Ohio to conduct business in Tampa. People in Tampa, do not recognize that area code, and thus they may consider it a Robo Call and not answer the phone.
  • Now Mary has both a Tampa Number and her old number from Columbus Ohio on her cell phone.
  • CALL 7  Fuse combines all the Features of  CALL 7 ORBIT as well as a new Outbound Number to make calls from. Two numbers on One Cell Phone.
  • With this service you are not changing your original phone number.
  • Calls to your Personal Number Ring in live, while Calls to your New Business Number may either ring in  live, or ring into a  Virtual Receptionist where they are greeted by a message as outlined in CALL 7 ORBIT.
  • FREE EXTENSION DIALING: It two or more people are in your company using CALL 7 Fuse, you can Direct Extension Dial each other.  
  • In addition, users may direct extension dial into your office if your office is also using CALL 7 Service, as well as your office may direct extension dial your Cell Phone.
  • Your office may transfer calls via Extension Transfer to your cell phone.
  • Add a Desk Phone as a second device for only $9.77 per month.

CALL7 FUSE $12.77

Plus applicable Taxes. Or only Save 30% when billed annually $12.77+ tax  on a 12- month agreement.  $17.95 + tax, when billed Monthly on Auto Payment via Debit, Credit card, or Bank Draft.   Billing not pro-rated when service terminated. E-911 Service is not available with this service.

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