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Business Plans & Pricing

Four plans to choose from:

  • Specialized Entrepreneur plans

  • General Business plans

  • ENTERPRISE Service Plans

  • SPECIALIZED Service Plans


Call 7 Event Connect



per month*

Communicator for Event Managers

A Stand-a-Lone Service

Advanced easy to use Mobile and Desktop App with a Dedicated Number for your Event.

  • This service is designed for the “Event Manager” 
  • Instantly Set up Video / Voice Meetings up to 100 People from your cell phone or computer
  • Communicate to Vendors / Participants via Text Messaging from your Desktop and Mobile Apps.
  • Record calls to later review 
  • Voicemail Messages are Transcribed and sent to your Cell Phone / Email as a Text Message
  • View and Read your Voicemail on our Desktop and Mobile app for iOS, Android, PC, MAC.
  • Includes Document and Screen Sharing in your Meetings.
  • MaX-UC is the most advanced yet easiest to use communication application in the World.
  • Only one user may be licensed to the Application
  • You may have multiple Users to manage the event. Each user requires their own License

* Price details

  • $47.77 per month, Auto-Billed Monthly Month-to-Month Term. $25 Set up. Service billing is billed is not pro-rated. Biling from Ist of the month to end of the month.

Four-Line Wireless Phone System for Home Based and Small Businesses



per month*

The Perfect Phone system for your home based office

Pay only for the LINES and not for the Extensions

From one to four Lines

  • Only $29.77 per line per month
  • 100% Wireless System. No Cabling required
  • Comes 100% Plug ‘n Play. No set up required
  • Unlimited Calling United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada 
  • Unlimited Personal SMS Texting via your Desktop / Mobile App 
  • Have from ONE to FOUR Lines
  • The number of simultaneous inbound / outbound calls is determined by your number of lines
  • Includes MaX-UC Desktop for PC or MAC, and Mobile App for iOS, Android 
  • Voicemail to Email with Notifications
  • Unlimited basic Internet Fax
  • Voicemail / Call History Portal 
  • Transfer a call to an extension via button on your phone.
  • System must use Lines ( SIP TRUNKS) from CALL7.com 
  • For more information: CALL 7 Home Office Phone System 

Additional Features and Options

  • Includes our Mobile App for one Mobile Device
  • Includes ONE Instance of MaX-UC Desktop for PC or MAC 
  • Includes One Instance of MaX-UC Mobile for Mobile Device iOS, Android 
  • Available Durable Water and Drop resistant Handheld phones 
  • The System is fully Cloud managed by CALL7.com engineers
  • Includes Desktop and Cordless Handheld Phones
  • Add Remote Phones other locations. 
  • Add Mobile Apps for additional Users
  • Comes Plug ‘N Play ready to use.
  • Base Station needs to be Plugged into your Home Router. 
  • All of the phones are Wireless.
  • System can only use “Lines” ( SIP TRUNKS) from CALL7.com

* Price details

  • From One to Four Lines only $29.77* per month per line
  • Four Line Promo:
    Only availabe at time of purchase. Get all 4 Lines for only $99.77* per month.
    SAVE $23* per month on average with tax


Starting as low as


per month*

Virtual Receptionist Advanced Answering Service

Used in Companies from 1 to 100+

Affordable, Amazing, Answering Solution

  • Try Allison Answers for Free
  • No Contracts: Month-To-Month
  • Starting as low as $27.77 per month
  • Never miss another call, day, or night
  • Eliminate Robo / SPAM and unwanted Calls
  • Use for Overflow calls during the Day
  • Use for Emergency After-Hours Rotation Schedule
  • Includes the most accurate Transcription available
  • Messages are transcribed
  • Messages may be delivered to as many as 10 Recipients
  • Messages delivered to your Email and to your Mobile Device

Additional Features and Options

  • Fully Integrates with CALL 7 Enterprise Service
  • Is available for CALL 7 CONNECT Service
  • Is also a Stand-A-Lone Product for Non-CALL7.com customers
  • Use our Mobile App generally for Returning Calls After Hours, or when out of the office
  • Extremely Accurate Transcription of the Voicemail Message
  • Messages are sent as Text, but, the Original Voice file is also attached
  • Ideal for After-Hours Emergency Rotation

* Price details

  • $27.77 for Existing Enterprise Accounts. $37.77 for CONNECT accounts. $47.77 for Non-Call7.com Customers.
  • Month-To-Month Term. Auto-Billed Monthly with your existing monthly bill. 
  • Get A Demo

CALL 7 Voices Eternal




A specialized service from CALL7.com

Save precious Voice mail and other messages from your loved ones.

  • Have family members call in and leave messages for the future
  • Dial in and listen at any time
  • Pricing includes three: Message Box of Memories
  • A Menu to let people know, who’s voices are in which Message Box of Memories
  • Each message box holds multiple messages
  • Share with your family members
  • Messages are archived on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

* Price details

  • Auto-Billed Annually

  • Buy multiple years and save
  • Get A Demo

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