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E.911 and Telephone Service Availability
Notes and Information

E.911 and Telephone Service Availability Notes and Information

Call 7, Incorporated ( CALL7.com)’s VoIP telephone service (“Services”) differs from “ Traditional Telephone Service”.  These differences may include differences in how “Emergency” or E911 calls are handled.

Important notes on Power and your phone service

Call 7, Incorporated ( CALL7.com)’s business telephone service (“Services”) will not function if a customer loses electrical power and does not have a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply), in the form of a Battery Backup, or generator.  CALL7.com,  requires our customers for all permanent installations to have a UPS with the capacity to power your phones for 4 Hours. This is your responsibility to provide and maintain. 

Important notes on Internet / Broadband Service and your phone service

Call 7, Incorporated ( CALL7.com)’s business telephone service (“Services”) will not function if a customer experiences interrupted connection to its broadband internet service and thus the customer cannot connect to Call 7, Incorporated ( CALL7.com)’s platform.  The loss of Internet / Broadband services may be due to many different reasons such as a Wide Area Outage, the cutting of a cable, or failure of a device within a customer’s office such as a network switch.   The loss of this access will result in the loss of phone service to your premise.  However, CALL7.com,  may still send phone calls to cell phones as per our redundancy options. 

These limitations also apply to Call 7, Incorporated (CALL7.com)’s 911 dialing service (“CALL7.com,  911 Dialing”).
The Services, including CALL7.com,  911 Dialing, may not be accessible from a particular phone or other calling device if that device is not connected via Internet to our network, or is configured incorrectly or otherwise malfunctions. Power surges will affect all electronic devices including telephones.  When a power surge strikes a phone, a router, or a local network switch, those devices may lose all of their configuration settings causing them to fail.  It is important that all electronic devices be first, plugged into a UPS / Battery Backup with proper grounding.

Enhanced 911 (“E911”) service is 911 service which includes automatic forwarding of location and callback information to emergency responders at a 911 answering point. Automatic forwarding of this information can assist emergency responders and can facilitate callback if a 911 call is dropped before completion. The information forwarded by the E911 system is called Automatic Location Information (“ALI”) and Automatic Number Information (“ANI”).

To facilitate E911 service, CALL7.com,  requires each customer to register a respective physical address for each calling device (phone) to the respective outbound number used.  Should the customer move location or move the devices, the customer must also provide an updated address when the physical location of a device changes. The customer may notify CALL7.com,  of changes by phone at 800-881-3066, option 3, or by e-mail at support@Call7.com.

After a customer provides address information for a device, there may be some delay before automatic forwarding of ALI/ANI is enabled. CALL7.com,  will notify the customer when automatic forwarding of ALI/ANI has been enabled.

A device’s registered address is the only means by which to route a E911 call to the geographically-assigned E911 answering point. Therefore, if the customer registers incorrect ALI/ANI information, E911 call routing may not function correctly. If the geographically-assigned E911 answering point is unavailable, E911 calls may be forwarded to a different 911 answering point.
Some 911 answering points are not equipped to receive ALI/ANI information. When an E911 call is directed to a 911 answering point that isn’t equipped to receive ALI/ANI information, the caller will need to provide location and callback information verbally.
As with CALL7.com,  911 Dialing generally, E911 service will not function if the Services do not function and will be inaccessible from a particular device if the Services are inaccessible from that device

Notice to Users of CALL7.com,  911 Dialing

Each CALL7.com,  customer is responsible to notify any individuals who may place calls using the Services of the limitations of CALL7.com,  911 Dialing as described in this policy.  E911 Services are meant only to be used in with stationary desk phones where the phones are permantly installed.   E911 Services are not offered for Remote Extensions of a permanent office installation.  If you take your phone home or move the phone from the permanent location where it was installed:  E911 Services are not to be used and are then no longer the responsibility of CALL7.com, .

In light of the limitations of CALL7.com,  911 Dialing discussed above, CALL7.com,  recommends that each customer maintain 911 failover services or another alternate means to access traditional 911 dialing service such a Cell Phone or a traditional phone line.

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